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pralus pyramide

Pralus Pyramide Biologique Reviewed

François Pralus is a Master Chocolatier and his approach is exceptional because Pralus is one of the few companies in France to make their own chocolate from the bean to the bar. Today, there are nearly 100 tons of chocolate ...

Pierre Marcolini – A Tale of Two Vietnamese Bars

At the Salon du Chocolat I was talking with Emmanuel about the aging process in chocolate. They were demonstrating Vietnam and the whole bean to bar process and I asked the tough question – in a space like this how ...

Idilio Finca Torres Chocolate Bar Reviewed

Idilio Finca Torres Chocolate Bar Reviewed

This bar, Finca Torres 72 percent, was apparently discovered by Idilio about six years ago. Both of the owners were struck by the remarkable potential of this single-origin cocoa growing on the slopes of the national park on the coast ...

bouchee la maison du chocolat

La Maison du Chocolat Autumnal Bouchee Range

I am a big fan of Maison du Chocolat. I absolutely love their ranges from chocolates ro truffles to patisserie, everything is executed gorgeously. I am just a huge fan and I do buy chocolates for myself often from Selfridges ...

Idilio chuao

Idilio Chuao Chocolate Bar Reviewed

I was given four bars by the company themselves to review so I’ve chosen to do them individually so it’s easier to find information on them in search ;-) The company’s name "Idilio" apparently originally comes from the Spanish (not ...

Idilio porcelana

Idilio Porcelana Criollo Puro Chocolate Bar Reviewed

I was gifted these bars for review and each post will review a different bar mainly because it is easier for others to find out what they taste like that way :-) There are many parts to the company name – ...

illanka chocolate

Illanka Truffles by Nadege Toronto Reviewed

While I was in Toronto, and in fact I think less than 24h after I landed, I found myself in Nadege Patesserie on Queen St West with the owner herself, two Valrhona representatives and the Valrhona chef who was teaching ...

illy hot choc

Domori Hot Chocolate at the Illy Café on Regent Street Reviewed

As part of the RegentTweet event, the Illy Café on Regent Street just north of Oxford Street (meaning you walk towards the BBC, away from the Apple store at the corner) held an espresso art event and gave away an ...

Barros Colheita 40 Year Old Tawny Port

Barros Colheita 40 Year Old Tawny Port

It has been 40 years now since the revolution in Portugal. No one really thinks about it outside Portugal unless you like your port. If you are in to port like I am, then you know not only was this ...

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Paul A Young Gluten Free Brownie

Shocking Gluten Free Brownies from Paul A Young

As someone allergic to wheat, I'm supposed to not be eating brownies but the things being touted as gluten-free brownies taste terrible to me. I *taste* everything from the soya which I am also allergic to, to the sub-standard chocolate, ...

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