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illy hot choc

Domori Hot Chocolate at the Illy Café on Regent Street Reviewed

As part of the RegentTweet event, the Illy Café on Regent Street just north of Oxford Street (meaning you walk towards the BBC, away from the Apple store at the corner) held an espresso art event and gave away an ...

Barros Colheita 40 Year Old Tawny Port

Barros Colheita 40 Year Old Tawny Port

It has been 40 years now since the revolution in Portugal. No one really thinks about it outside Portugal unless you like your port. If you are in to port like I am, then you know not only was this ...

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Paul A Young Gluten Free Brownie

Shocking Gluten Free Brownies from Paul A Young

As someone allergic to wheat, I'm supposed to not be eating brownies but the things being touted as gluten-free brownies taste terrible to me. I *taste* everything from the soya which I am also allergic to, to the sub-standard chocolate, ...

chococo milk drops

Chococo Milk Chocolate Drops Reviewed

There’s nothing like a bit of chocolate and little drops of chocolate are perfect to satisfy that craving. I don’t always eat dark chocolate and as such sometimes I like milk chocolate. Now, sometimes I eat "trashy" chocolate and sometimes ...

selfridges chocolate library

The Chocolate Library at Selfridges

Where can you go to get some of the world’s rarest chocolate? Some of the weirdest chocolate? Chocolate made with camels’ milk? Chocolate from Hispanola beans? Chocolate from a batch run so small the labels are hand written? Selfridges No I mean ...

ganaches wild sweets

Wild Sweets Ganache Selection Reviewed

I was so excited to be gifted this chocolate. With Wild Sweets making their own chocolate from bean to bar I really wanted to see their chocolate shine. Sadly there were no plain, unflavoured ganaches in the box which I ...

wild sweets caramels

Wild Sweets caRaMel Collection Reviewed

The Wild Sweets caRaMel collection features the classic butter-and-cream French soft caramel as opposed to the runny caramel of the Paul A Young caramel I love. Coated in their exclusive Limited Release Vintage Single Origin Dominican Republic La Red Hispaniola ...

pralines wild sweets

Wild Sweets pRaliNe Collection Reviewed

The Wild Sweets® pRaliNe collection is inspired by the Peanut Butter & Jelly classic. Made with their exclusive Limited Release Vintage Single Origin Dominican Republic La Red Hispaniola cocoa bean-to bar chocolate, it includes 12 exquisite hand-painted chocolates which means ...

fruit and nut bar

Wild Sweets Dominican Republic Inclusion Bars Reviewed

I bought a bunch of bars from Wild Sweets and I am guilty of buying stuff I knew I wouldn’t like. Thank goodness they sent me extra bits! These are the bars I bought but as those who read my ...


Chocolate and Love Crushed Diamonds Orange Mint Bars Reviewed

One of the amazing things about some of the bean to bar makers is that some of them not only make amazing chocolate but also help the environment through planting trees. Original Beans plant a tree for every bar sold ...

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