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I’ve been blogging here for awhile and before that I reviewed a lot at and before that I had chocolate recommendations on my personal site but I haven’t yet taken time to figure out what was the most popular things people come to the blog for and so I thought that since tomorrow is the biggest chocolate day of the year, I’d take time to just look at what you have read most frequently on the blog. – Probably because it is the home page this is always going to be a popular page.
Marks & Spencer Chocolate Truffles -I’m not entirely sure why this review is so popular. I do like these truffles even though they are mainly fat and sugar. They melt in the mouth and are just deliciously yummy. Who knows, maybe other people think so too?
Moser Roth Dark Chocolate Truffles – I get so many visits to this page from a variety of search terms I’m guessing people may be trying to buy these online or figure out if they are worth buying. I liked the thin dark chocolate shell and Lindt-like interior so my vote is yes 😉 – I’m guessing people are wondering who the mad person is behind this blog. I keep changing this page – maybe I should make it a bit more crazy 😀
Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Truffle Advent Canendar – interestingly I get a lot of “adult” searches related to advent calendars (or did at Christmas) and so while I have a long dwell time and people who land here visit for over 4 minutes and go on to look at other pages, I guess it isn’t totally wrong
The Women of Chocolate – this was a massive blog post and I keep updating it. It is a huge resource and while I haven’t updated it recently I do have a few more women to get in contact with and add to this post. I’ll tweet when I update it.
Paul A Young Marmite XO Chocolate Bar – love it or hate it and I didn’t love it but it seems like a lot of others did and I’m pleased to say that a number of people have gone on to buy this because they loved it. I guess this balances off the opinions and you can’t have everyone love everything but it’s good that so many do.
Moroco Chocolat Review – This was a post that could have gotten me killed or something (I don’t know what). I visited this chocolate shop and was informed that the owner did not like “unsolicited reviews”. Well, tough f-ing luck lady. I gave you an “unsolicited review” and since it wasn’t glowing I assume you hate it but hey – it is style over quality.
Green & Black’s Ultimate Chocolate Brownies – This is the recipe from the new Green & Black’s recipe book and how well it worked for me. I have to say – these only improve with age and I highly recommend them!
Artisan du Chocolat Sea Salt Caramels – one of my top sea salted caramels while I love the Paul A Young ones more and even blogged my eating guide to them, these ones have a higher visit rate. Who knows what the next year will be like though!
Mini Cupcake Chocolates – this surprised me I have to admit. The images didn’t work for me and the chocolates were damn adorable but not my favourite, this still come in the top blog posts. Darn cute though!

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