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hotel chocolat easter eggsposeThis was an egg I have to admit I might not have chosen for myself. The gianduja vegan eggs are not my usual choice, going for the standard favourites but as it was given to me and I like Hotel Chocolat chocolates, I thought I’d give it a swing.

The first thing I noticed was that in this case Hotel Chocolat had gone for a halfshell of dark chocolate. Now, while this is not necessarily my favourite chocolate in the whole world, I have nothing against it and it is a really nice dark chocolate. I prefer their dark milk as my preference in dark runs to the more exotic but there is nothing wrong with a slid chunk of Hotel Chocolat dark chocolate.,

The eggs inside are also available separately as with other eggs. You can get a little carton filled with these eggs or you can get them in this dark egg. I think either way you’re going to get some yummy chocolate so really you can’t go wrong.

The outer shell of sugar crystals on the vegan gianduja eggs was slightly off-putting but I thought how bad can it really be and so took a big bite. They are shaped just like the other eggs with a solid dark chocolate shell, gianduja soft smooth interior and questionable use of sugar coating. Definitely a chewing egg.

Personally – given my tastes, I’d spend the £14 on a different selection but I think the dual attractions of this being a vegan option and so completely animal product free as well as it being dark chocolate and slightly nutty means a *lot* of people are going to love this.

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