Hotel Chocolat Your Eggsellency Easter Egg Review

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hc eggselency chocolate easter eggI seem to be a bit of a sucker for Hotel Chocolat and trust them far too much with my palette. Not only am I picky with my “no squidgy raisins” and similar food restrictions, I tend to favour a more fruity style of dark chocolate, complete with robust, well-rounded flavours left undamaged by over refinement or over conching.

I chose this egg to review because of several reasons. I felt that this was the right egg to choose if you want to share one egg between two people and given the size and THICKNESS of the Hotel Chocolat eggs, this is actually quite advisable! I chose this egg because it had both milk and dark chocolate shells. I chose this egg because of the mini eggs it held inside. I chose this egg for several reasons but also because it was Hotel Chocolate and so I know it’ll be miles better than that stuff you get at the supermarkets.

It is absolutely worth it to go to a local Hotel Chocolat and pick this egg up. In fact, if you don’t have a Hotel Chocolat near you, I’d recommend travelling to one because not only will you get this egg there, you’ll be able to get a back of Quail Eggs, some of those ADDORABLE Nibblatron robots (or the giant one) and more, Me, I’m a 50% milk chocolate caramel egg fan.

The milk chocolate is standard milk chocolate which I think is fine. The milk is not stand out gold medal but it isn’t bad either. It is what I would choose as a milk chocolate – and often do 😉 and to get this in one of the shells of the egg is excellent (or eggsellent as they would say). You then swap over to the dark chocolate and I have to admit I’m not as in love with this half of the shell. The chocolate is slightly drying and is slightly less robust than many of the Purist range bars. This makes it no less enjoyable and I think means that it is the perfect couples egg (also illustrated by how my husband *claimed ownership* of this egg before I had a chance to even look at it to review it).

The small eggs that you get inside are lovely. In fact, I chose the egg I buy from HC every year based on the eggs you get inside and I vary between this one and the other large one (I forget what it is called) depending on alcohol eggs or non-alcohol eggs. Now, you already know from my review of the H box of Easter eggs that I love these little eggs and you can tell that I’ve munched my way through champagne, caramel, apricot brandy, and rum and I’m moving on for more. These little eggs are lovely though and well worth the indulgence of the larger, thicker egg which at £24 is slightly more expensive than most but worth it.

I had so much fun digging in to this egg that I forgot to photo any of it so am using the HC official piccie. It was just lovely and as evidenced by how my husband and I fought over this egg, it is going to be one everyone loves. I do love these Hotel Chocolat eggs and I know so very many of you will as well!

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  1. These chocolate egg-filled chocolate eggs (which we seem to be sadly lacking in the U.S.) are so wonderful looking. I’d steal the apricot brandy from you. Just so you know.

  2. eclecticgal says:

    I’m glad you are a bit of a hotel chocolat fan (so far as I can see). I think they’ve done a tremendous job of educating the British palate re: chocolate.

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