Gorvett & Stone Bang Chocolate Easter Egg Review

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The worry of something exploding with this Gorvett & Stone Exploding Chocolate Easter Egg was offset immediately upon turning this egg around and reading it was made with Valrhona Jivara milk chocolate which had me near ripping the cellophane off this egg. The egg itself is large, thick and looks fab with the cute “BANG” on the front in piped Valrhona Ivory chocolate. At a weighty 120g minimum of chocolate you know this is excellent value from a quality egg. YUM before I’ve eaten it I have great expectations.

Tied with a cute turquoise ribbon in the Gorvett & Stone colour, I carefully took a smell. The sweet milk chocolate scent rose up and unlike other chocolates this one was absolutely fabulous. The egg took three solid punches to break and as you can see it is extremely thick. It has 2 layers to it – each of them filled with popping candy. There is a generous amount of chocolate in here and it is complimented by the popping candy rather than the popping candy detracting from it or overwhelming it.

The milk chocolate is typical Valrhona – it is sweeter than the dark chocolate but it still have a lovely flavour which is enhanced by the popping candy in the chocolate shell. While writing this review in fact I have found that I have eaten more of this egg than originally I had intended and just before lunch as well – oh dear I’ll have spoilt my lunch!

This is a lovely egg and being available from the extremely convenient shop on Henley on Thames this makes it a place worth getting yourself to. Whether for the novelty of the popping candy or the high quality chocolate or the supporting small chocolatiers, this egg is certainly work getting this Easter and really any time 😉

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  1. Yasmin Butt says:

    That shop is lovely. I’ve only ever been once a few years ago but it was my first ever experience of artisan chocolate and I’ve never forgotten it. I envy your egg!! I would love to go back sometime, the staff were really sweet and I remember they had a box filled with chocs where the wrapping was damaged you could help yourself to. Do they still have that?

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