Divine Chocolate Speckled Eggs Review

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I’ve been a ling time Cadbury Mini Eggs fan and so when I saw that a fair trade, farmer co-operative company like Divine had made some, I jumped at the chance to try them. I’m very particular though about my sugar-coated chocolate and so these eggs had a lot to live up to.

They look just like other candy-covered chocolate but there is an important difference here – a farmer’s co-operative fair trade company is making these. I love to warm mine up to just below body temperature and then bite in to them. This chocolate may be milk but it tastes a bit darker – perhaps they have cut down on the added sugar and because this is a quality product ytou’re getting better chocolate inside.

These eggs are delicious and really surprising. I really expected something extremely sweet and I actually found these weren’t as sweet as I was prepared for. The chocolate is lovely, especially warmed to body temperature, and the thin sugar shell is sweet. You would only know the difference after biting in to one you realised you weren’t growing fur on your teeth – a much better experience!

All in all, these are a great product. Instead of some giant cheap tub of sweet chocolate or a major brand’s alternative offering, why don’t you do your body and the planet a favour and grab a bag of these instead?

These speckled eggs come in bags weighing 170g, and are available from Waitrose, Oxfam and online at www.divinechocolateshop.com, RRP £3.50

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