Paul A Young Sea Salt Caramel Chocolates Review

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paul a young sea salt caramelsI don’t know how it is I haven’t reviewed these Paul A Young Sea Salt Caramels before since I eat them like candy.  I absolutely love these chocolates!

The shell is made from delicious dark chocolate in a dome shape so the top of the dome is thicker than the sides.  I say this to warn you really.  My other warning is that it is too big for a single bite but you need to approach this delicious chocolate strategically in order to enjoy it fully.

Turn the sea salt caramel chocolate upside down so you are looking at the base.  This has to be our approach.  Be careful not to squeeze this chocolate or you’ll have sea salt caramel all over your fingers (speaks the voice of experience).  Now, the base is sealed by a plug in the base (now the top) which is often thicker than the shell at this point.  I like to gently bite around the rim to ‘pop’ the plug out and scoop a small amount of caramel out with the base.  Now we have the structure of the shell intact with a missing bottom.  I suggest here biting the side and close to the top (at the moment, this is our bottom) but not through the top itself as this chocolate is often thicker.  Let the shell break but be careful about all the caramel – you don’t want to waste any.

Lovely, don’t you think? Absolutely lovely. I like to buy a few and have one or two per day as a treat.

This is my favourite sea salt caramel ever though I do munch on Artisan du Chocolat sea salt caramels an awful lot too… 😀

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3 Responses to Paul A Young Sea Salt Caramel Chocolates Review

  1. Gillian says:

    Brilliant … sweets with an eating guide!

    I didn’t have a similar divine experience with Thorntons salted caramels 🙁

  2. JudithLewis says:

    I think I tried them but I think it depends on how fresh the chocolate and caramel are and if they have mixed properly.

    How could I post about my all time favourite sea salt caramel without an eating guide? I know the shell is thinner at the bottom and there is a risk of breakage when eating (let alone shipping) and so the only kind thing to do was to produce an eating guide!

    I’m am absolutely passionate about these chocolates I tell ya…

  3. coversnail says:

    Thought I should continue my commenting spree with a trip to the much talked about Paul A Young Sea-Salted Caramels review! I’m always meaning to get some of these as they’ve been mentioned so much but it always slips my mind. I can’t say I’d have chosen them on my own, they concept sounds…well just a bit odd, but I do have a big pot of Cornish sea salt at home which I have the terrible habit of eating the occassional small lump from on its own (!) and I like caramel so I should like them 🙂

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