I think I might be sick of chocolate…

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I don’t know if anyone noticed but last week I reviewed all sorts of more affordable chocolate.  In fact, I reviewed two types of chocolate each day.  That was a bit extreme and while the cupcake chocolates had been reviewed before so I didn’t have to eat them, the rest all had to be tried to be reviewed.  I was a bit unwell come the end of the week but the chocolate tea and Rabot Estate savoury chocolate yummies soon fixed that 😉

While I covered a lot of holiday chocolats the best is yet to come with La Maison du Chocolat Christmas selection which is so huge I have no idea how anything less than a full dinner party of 12+ people could make a dent in it.  I also have the winter selection from Matcha Chocolate who make the absolutely delightful tea chocolates and the masala chai caramels.  The Divine chocolate covered sea salt fudge has been making everyone in the office jealous (probably because I didn’t share the Paul A Young sea saly caramel chocolates) and soon you’ll see why and the LB Chocs Truly Chocolates holiday selection were a real change from the usual ganache fare.  Of course there is our Freebie Friday but I’ll leave that as a surprise 🙂

I’ve got a lot of nothing to get done in the coming week with getting a new rush passport so I can visit family meaning that there will be some Canadian holiday selections on the blog soon and who knows – maybe a Canadian Freebie Friday treat!

The holidays is supposed to be a time of love and goodwill but I see far too much stress and fighting and people become so self absorbed in their own worlds of stress and feelings of inadequacy that joy, love and goodwill are lost.  Perhaps we (myself included) should all remember to stop at least once a week, look out the window at the beautiful sunrise or sunset and could our blessings.  It is too easy to forget the things we should be thankful for.

Lastly, one of the things I do know is that I prefer to be shy and hide behind the computer and keep my head down but I’m also passionate and nosey and I wind up doing things that at the time seem small but are actually major.  So it was that a phone call got me involved in the Modern Muse project as a Founding Muse (apparently I’m  “Judith Lewis – Rebel With A Cause”) and I find myself a part of something huge.  It’s an interesting project and I really do hope a lot of women will become a part of it.  It ties in well with the volunteering I do for London Girl Geek Dinners (which rarely involves dinner 😀 )

Hope you enjoy the coming week and I hope that your run up to the holidays is as low stress as possible.

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