Hotel Chocolat Christmas Dinner Chocolate Shapes Review

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hotel chocolat christmas dinner chocolatesNow, before you screw up you face and think *GROSS* these are small milk chocolate shapes of little Christmas dinners and puddings.  You get 5 of each and they are kinda weird if cute.

I am not sure how appealing the idea of eating a chocolate in the shape of a turkey is but hey – some people light like to start nibbling at the leg while others may prefer breast meat.  Then there are those of you who will opt for chocolate pudding first.  NAUGHTY!  You’ll spoil your appetite for your chocolate shaped Christmas dinner!

These are cute though and imagine the look on the faces of your guests (or your kids!) as they realise that mellow milk chocolate shape they just plucked from the box or off the place is actually a whole turkey with potatoes! Of course, it’s the best way to make sure the kids don’t leave anything on their plates from a whole turkey and there are almost cast solid chocolate guarantees to be no leftovers (see what I did there… did you giggle… even just a little?).

But if you have a box of this delicious chocolate turkey and pudding feast, how would you offer it around or would you secret it away and when anyone asked say “I’m busy with Christmas dinner”?

*** FREEBIE FRIDAY ***  Leave a comment on the blog and/or leave a comment on Facebook telling me what you’d do with a box of these lovelies to win one of your very own!  If you’re only on twitter, tweet “If I won that box of @HotelChocolat Christmas dinners from @MostlyAboutChoc I’d …” filling in what you’d do with them.  I’ll draw an imaginative winner on Sunday!

***YAY*** we have our winner! Coversnails gets the chocolates!

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54 Responses to Hotel Chocolat Christmas Dinner Chocolate Shapes Review

  1. Gillian says:

    I’d eat them as I slave over Christmas dinner. Cook’s reward 🙂

    To be honest I half thought that there were going to be ‘christmas dinner’ flavoured – think Heston and the unusual flavour combos he uses!

  2. coversnail says:

    I think they’d be quite nice as an ‘after christmas dinner treat’ though I’d have them instead of the christmas pudding (does anyone actually like and want to eat christmas pudding after a huuge meal. its so stodgy and filling!). A few nice festive choccies though would be nice to mull over whilst finishing off drinks before vegetatng on the couch for the rest of the day!

  3. Shal Hodder says:

    I would announce that dinner was ready and as everyone was seated at the table I would bring in the plates with a turkey chocolate and a pudding chocolate on each plate. I only wish I could work the camera at the same time to capture the looks on their faces. lol

  4. Lianne106 says:

    I’d serve the Christmas pudding chocs after dinner itself, but the turkey ones I’d save for Boxing Day – turkey leftovers just for me! lol

  5. Johnson1511 says:

    I’d eat them all and wouldn’t tell the wife that I’d won them, so I didn’t have to share them!!!

  6. nettienoo says:

    I would wait until everyone had gone home or gone to bed and then sit and eat them all watching a really cheesy christmas film

  7. Simon says:

    I would snuggle up in bed on a cold winters night and eat them!

  8. sophyjayne says:

    😀 I would put these on the table at each place as a temptation and bribe- they can only be eaten if the whole plate of Christmas dinner is eaten first!!

  9. Angie Allen says:

    I’d just scoff the lot straight down

  10. mummy24 says:

    i would have to keep them all to myself, they look yummy!

  11. beffffff says:

    These look lovely.
    Then again all chocolate seems to after half a year of dieting lol

  12. Hannahbanana says:

    Look tasty 😉

  13. Jayne Hyman says:

    I would share them with my boyfriend – he’s a pub chef and I’m sure by Christmas he’ll be sick of the sight of Christmas dinners, so this would make a good alternative 🙂

  14. Helen says:

    I’d put them in my christmas crackers.

  15. Joanne says:

    I’d have to share them with my partner and gorgeous daughter, while watching classic Christmas films. A lovely pre-Christmas treat before the manic begins.

  16. Tracey Peach says:

    I would give them to my lovely mum as she helps me so much every day & deserves some wonderful chocolate as a thank you xxx

  17. Anna says:

    I’d forget the real turkey and just get on with stuffing!

  18. beclee says:

    I would give these to my mum because they are her favourite x

  19. Rachael G says:

    I’d love to scoff them all myself, but I know I wouldn’t be able to cope with the guilt and would have to share them with my family whilst watching a good Christmas film!

  20. Jess says:

    I think I’d play a fun trick on everyone by conspiring with my dad who usually makes the Christmas dinner. We’d put out a plate with a big cover on top so that everyone thinks it’s the main dish, and uncover it at the start of the meal – I think it would really make my family laugh 🙂

    If that doesn’t work out, bringing it out as desert neatly arranged like a posh Christmas dinner on top of a miniature table would be really nice too 🙂

    Thank you for running this competition!! xx

  21. AYAKO says:

    My kids gonna love these!!

  22. david says:

    there’s a certain young lady who would be lovingly fed these in front of a blazing log fire on boxing day evening. If I don’t win, I’d better go and buy some now ….

  23. stlvska says:

    I would share them with my hubby and 2 girls and the extra 1 would be MINE

  24. Lakshmi says:

    I’d hide them and scoff them when no-one else was watching.

  25. MaryB says:

    My grandson would love these when he comes to visit me for Christmas Dinner.

  26. kateminx says:

    I will play pretend with my little girl and her dollies and as a reward for being a good girl we will sit and have a roast turkey dinner – with pudding! Seeing her face will be priceless when she realises they are chocolate 🙂

  27. EVA says:


  28. Babs2209 says:

    hmmmmmmmm more chocolate 🙂

  29. Jo says:

    I would enjoy sharing them

  30. emma says:

    I would share them with my family

  31. proctors says:

    I’d save them until after Christmas day – no-one needs more than they already have over Christmas – and get them out a couple of days later, when people are feeling flat and miserable, as a way of cheering them up and reminding them that good things aren’t over just because Christmas is. I’d love to keep them all for me but if I did my New Yeatr’s Eve dress won’t fit me. . .

  32. Jane says:

    Please enter me into the competition

  33. Allan says:

    What a lovely shape they have.

  34. claire says:

    I would just gobble these right up, all to myself.
    Coz I’m greedy like that…
    especially where chocolate is concerned!

  35. DancerKaz says:

    I’d share them with my friends on my birthday, next week!

  36. purplevamp says:

    No-one likes xmas pud in our house so these would be a good alternative!

  37. Joanne says:

    They look so nice I wonder if I would be able to save them for after christmas dinner or whether the temptation to open them would prove too much 🙂

  38. dippylou1 says:

    Hide them, so I could ear them myself

  39. Strewthie says:

    These are so cute I’m not sure I could eat them ! ! ! NOT

  40. John says:

    i claim id share them Boxing Day evening with everyone, to try and not sound selfish. But deep down i know they wont make it past Christmas eve, nor will any one else actually get to try one.

  41. shirl says:

    I would share them with family and friends on Christmas Eve.

  42. paulineppp says:


    I d hide them till everybody went out, and scoff the lot 😀

  43. mgsimmo says:

    I’d scoff them in one sitting!

  44. katherinesara says:

    I would give these to my mum

  45. flyingdutchman says:

    They would be ideal as a gift for Xmas. If I kept them, they would last till the New Year.

  46. ali991 says:

    I would save them to share with my family after christmas dinner as a treat

  47. Rogar1471 says:

    Give them to my fiancee to mark our anniversary and to say thanks for making Xmas special (my god this sounds corny!)

  48. chrissie4 says:

    I think I’d like to hide them but I’d end up puting them on the xmas dinner table they look so good.

  49. pukkapad says:

    If I won that box of @HotelChocolat Christmas dinners from @MostlyAboutChoc I’d hide them until after Christmas so that once all the chocolate had been devoured in the house there was a nice suprise waiting for one of those early evening chocolate cravings I get!

  50. velladabest1 says:

    i would give them to my wife as a present, shed love them!

  51. kemo_2002 says:

    eat them, very slowly,, mmmmmmmmmmmm xxx

  52. Bonosfly says:

    As I dont like turkey or christmas pudding, while the rest of the family are tucking into theirs, I’ll have the chocolates!

  53. Misssarahjay says:

    These look amaze. Defo not ones I’ll be sharing if I win. He he x

  54. Elizabeth Meetze says:

    I don’t always agree with you (thank God, that would be boring), but I have to tell you you are a great writer.

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