Guylian Temptations Chocolates

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guylian seahorse temptations chocolatesNow, I know this isn’t a premium brand but it is probably the chocolate a lot of people associate with Christmas.  Guylian who make the praline filled chocolate shells have created a new product called Temptations for the Christmas market.

Now, I realise that these are marketed as a premium gift but for regular readers of this blog, you’ll know the quality of the chocolate does not put it into the “top notch” category.  Still, that doesn’t mean that with respect to their peers they aren’t great.

Individually wrapped, these are kinda fun.  You get the typical chocolate seahorse shape in three flavours; original praline, dark praline, and milk truffle.   These are not sophisticated and while I must admit I am neither a praline fan, nor a fan of this somewhat oily, very sweet chocolate, this is going to be the perfect gift for someone in your life I’m sure.  For me, it coats the inside of my mouth in oil and the extreme sweetness means I needed a cup of coffee to clear my palette but I know at the very least two friends who would rather these than Paul A Young chocolates.  Odd but true (I am working on them).

This isn’t great quality but it is fun and it is easily purchasable and they do have mass market appeal.  While it would be lovely to only have high quality chocolate available everywhere, there are far too many people who would prefer a box of these so don’t disappoint them 😉 But for yourself grab a Hotel Chocolat fruit and nut wreath… I know I sound obsessed but it really made an impression on me!

***FREEBIE FRIDAY*** I’m giving away a small box of these chocolates to someone who comments on this blog or comments on this facebook post!

***YAY*** lapsapchung wins the chocolates!!

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55 Responses to Guylian Temptations Chocolates

  1. lapsapchung says:

    These look gorgeous – more “grown up” than the seashells. I’ve never thought there was anything really Christmassy about chocolate seashells, andat this timeof year we want Christmassy stuff!

  2. linheiner says:

    May not be sophisticated or a premium brand but I actually love Guylian chocolate!

  3. twinklenic says:

    omg these are my fave make of chocci i hope im the lucky one 🙂

  4. beffffff says:

    I love Guylian, bet these are lovely 🙂

  5. DebbieA says:

    Can never resist the chance of free chocs 🙂
    I like Guylian 🙂

  6. suedong says:

    Actually Guylian is my all time favourite but no one ever buys me any 🙁

  7. ammaline says:

    I love Guylian!

  8. Vicky R says:

    I love Guylian!

  9. coversnail says:

    Yummy!! I kind of quite like the cheaper brands a lot of the time, you don’t feel as bad when you scoff your face full!

  10. Nic says:

    May not be premium but they’re definitely top of my buy list! I love Guylian, they’re addictive!

  11. baguette says:

    LIKE. Definately LIKE. Oh yes.

  12. Soulforged says:

    hmmmm, Guylian, by far my favourites, i love them!!

  13. mummy24 says:

    these look lovely!

  14. Jayne Hyman says:

    Scoffing Guylian is always a sure way to tell it’s Christmas!

  15. Nicola Seary says:

    I love Chocolate.

  16. Helen says:

    A great idea.

  17. vfallows83 says:

    i would love to win this, my fave choc!!!

  18. beclee says:

    My boyfriend loves these chocs x

  19. Anna says:

    A box of these would make my mum very very happy!

  20. Joanne Blunt says:

    I love Guylian chocolate so would love to try these.

  21. Rachael G says:

    Ooohhh haven’t seen these before! I’d give them to my Nanna for an extra little gift.

  22. AYAKO says:

    L love Guylian the best since 20 years ago.

  23. stlvska says:

    i love chocolate pick me plsssssssss

  24. david says:

    hmmmm, I could give these to the missus so that she doesn’t notice me snuggled up on the rug in front of the fire …..

  25. Lakshmi says:

    I’ve always wanted to try these chocolates, so please let me win.

  26. kateminx says:

    I eat these hiding behind the cupboard so my little girl doesn’t see and ask for one (my guilty secret!)

  27. Jo says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmm tasty – just right for sharing.

  28. Babs2209 says:

    hmmmmmmm chocolate …………..

  29. MaryB says:

    Would love these to share around after Christmas Dinner.

  30. ComperChris says:

    I’d love to try these, can’t find them anywhere though!

  31. Allan says:

    I love these, would love to win this.

  32. Jane says:

    Please enter me, what a fab giveaway.

  33. claire says:

    wow, oh wow.
    These must be gorgeous

  34. DancerKaz says:

    Oooh yum!!! Love these, made for sharing 🙂

  35. Jess says:

    These are always yummy and never fail to impress! (Although having said that I last bought them over 2 years ago – three trips or so to Hotel Chocolat is the limits of my yearly chocolate budget!)

  36. cheznal says:

    Fab blog, I’ll definately be an avid follower in the future.

    Also following you on twitter – @cheznal x

  37. purplevamp says:

    I love chocolate. I wish I lived with Willy Wonka ;o)

  38. jellie75 says:

    My hubbies grandad used to buy a box of the shells for everybody each christmas,so they are a tradition for us!

  39. Sean says:

    I would have a night in with these chocolates.

  40. Joanne says:

    Definitely wouldn’t be sharing these if I was lucky enough to win them 🙂

  41. dippylou1 says:

    Would’nt be christmas without them

  42. Strewthie says:

    A small box ! Perfect for my stocking x x x

  43. mgsimmo says:

    These look very good!

  44. Gemma says:

    Ooh these look absolutely DELICIOUS!! I would love to try some of these 🙂 Will share this on Facebook, I have several chocoholic friends on there lol!!

  45. Ayala says:

    I hope i win these…I should be on a diet but I figure that free chocolate means free calories…right?? ;O)

  46. barbeque123 says:

    sumptious, devine, forever mine

  47. flyingdutchman says:

    Chocolates can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. Just don’t eat the whole box in one sitting! (cardboard isn’t that tasty ;))

  48. JaneyD says:

    Ohh these are delicious and would be a nice treat for the family on xmas day

  49. Domi says:

    Oh! So yummy.

  50. chrissie4 says:

    These look a must for christmas!!

  51. pukkapad says:

    Yum – Love Guylian! x

  52. kemo_2002 says:

    love these chocs:) xxx

  53. velladabest1 says:

    enter me plesae!

  54. Bonosfly says:

    What a great idea! Having to go to the effort of taking off the wrapper will use up more calories therefore eating a whole box of those would be more healthy than eating a whole box of the regular ones. Do I sound convincing? 🙂

  55. Nikki Hay says:

    Hmmmm these look good, I am such a chocoholic!

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