Moser Roth Dark Chocolate Truffles from Aldi Review

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moser roth dark chocolatesI felt it important in this chocolate review to make sure you knew where to get these from I have a soft spot for Lindt and while I know it is oily and sweet, there is something about that meltingly wonderful chocolate that makes me go gooey.  I can only tolerate about one but yum.

When I opened the Moser Roth box, I was greeted by happy light yellow paper but a smell of sugary chocolate.  I immediately panicked and shared them with the local pod.  I awaited their reaction and everyone said that they enjoyed it.  I was surprised and with some fear I bit into one.moser roth chocolates open and wrapped

‘Lindt only better’ was what I thought.   The shell is dark chocolate but the inside is a milk chocolate melting centre.  The shape is somewhat egg-like but this would never be mistaken for an Easter egg.  The chocolate itself is a thin shell of dark chocolate perfectly balanced by the sweet meltingly delicious middle.  While there was an air bubble in the center, I didn’t mind!

This is a box of chocolate to have open at a party and share with friends.  I have to admit that the sugary scent does put me off slightly but the taste… the taste had me eating a second 🙂

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15 Responses to Moser Roth Dark Chocolate Truffles from Aldi Review

  1. Gillian says:

    ALDI truffles always win the ‘best buy’ polls in Ireland. Is Moser Roth and Lindt the same company?

  2. Sheila says:

    amazing..i tried the pistachio/chocolate from Moser-Roth – unbelievable! I always buy lindt
    since they have great chocolate…until i tried
    this Moser Roth – amazing…

  3. Almaz says:

    I received a box of Moser Roth Truffles for Christmas, all I could say is YUM,

  4. JudithLewis says:

    It’s really surprising I think. I totally didn’t expect it & while they are a bit sweet for me to eat tons of, the thin dark chocolate shell with the milk choc melt-in-your-mouth centre really does it for me 😀

  5. Toni Zufelt says:

    Ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Gggggggggggggggggggoooooooooooooooosssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, these are the best!

  6. pamb says:

    Very bad news Aldi have stoped stocking these. Anyone know another supplier?

  7. Judith Lewis says:

    OK here’s the low-down: Aldi still carries them but they are a seasonal product so they will be back in stores in Septe,mber but only until April!

  8. Mary Tellis-Nayak says:

    Where can I get these when Aldi’s is not carrying them? Is there any place online that sells them?

    • Judith Lewis says:

      I’m not sure but I’ve never seen them anywhere else – sorry! It is only from May to August that they are gone though 🙂

  9. les wordsworth says:

    You dont normally get much suger in 85% choc. but there
    is a lot in truffle .in a box there is aprox 8 suger cubes
    so if your diabetic ..send me the chocs and you eat the box

  10. June Lornie says:

    I wonder if you could help me, I received a box of your wonderful Moser Roth Truffles at Christmas, as an artist I kept the lovely wrapers to put in two of my pictures, I need more of the wrapers to finish my art, I could also enjoy eating Moser Roth Truffles while doing my work, I do hope you can help and let know where I can get them as thet are only sold at Aldi a few months of the year. best Wishes June Lornie.

  11. Anne Lingen says:

    I have bought Aldi Choc. for years as it’s the best on high cocoa solids for recipes & unbelievable price. Now a days I also buy presents for friends as it is just the best. Shopping this week for the usual delicious Xmas boxes now in store and as good, if not better against Thorntons, I picked up a couple of boxes of “Finest Truffles”. Opened one on Saturday night and could not believe how beautifully the truffles were wrapped and of course as always the chocolate was superb. Going to shop next week to fill my basket for gifts for friends. ALDI does it again, WELL DONE and Thank You Aldi.

  12. Moser Roth luxurious cocktail truffles are to die for. I bought a box for Christmas but thought I’d give them a try. Wow I hope Aldi hasn’t sold out before I get back to buy up the shop.

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