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cupcake chocolates inside boxI love the look of these chocolates and they are probably the PERFECT gift for someone who likes chocolate and sweets but does not want to be challenged by high quality chocolate.  There are sixteen decorated cupcake chocolates which include raspberry, chocolate brownie, lemon cheesecake, strawberry and coffee & walnut. Perfect for a dinner party or other celebrations there are enough that everyone will get a chance to try one.

These are sweet as you would expect them to be and only the brown ones have a slight chocolaty flavour.  It is a very sugary chocolate with strong flavouring but I’m sure some people will adore them. I think of all of them, the raspberry was my favourite but after trying so many they all kinda tasted of strawberry 🙂

These are more confection than chocolate and again I’m left with a vague oily sensation in my mouth and strung out on sugar but that doesn’t make them bad.  These are just different.  They are, however, the most ADORABLE little chocolates and I think anyone receiving them as a hostess gift to put out at a party or as a holiday gift to share with the family would be delighted to get them.cupcake chocolates cut in half

These cupcake chocolates are, perhaps, not quite for the Hotel Chocolat, Paul A Young, Paul Wayne Gregory, William Curley or similar but few people on the planet are.  That means most would like this confection given the tendency of mass manufacturers to replace cocoa butter with vegetable oil and add quite a quantity of sugar.  I don’t think I would personally choose them as a gift but I’m sure many have and will.

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