Moroco Chocolat – The Unauthorised Review

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moroco chocolate box reviewThis review is illicit. That’s right – it’s forbidden. Just by reading it you could be part of the conspiracy. It’s risky and so unless you’re ready to defy “her” you’d best change to a different review now.

Why is this such a seditious blog post? Why is there a risk attached to it? How could a mere blog post pose any risk? Well, it’s all a bit mysterious really. Apparently “she” who owns MoRoCo chocolates in Toronto and who has expertly decorated the interior as an upscale bordello to her own bespoke designs does not like “unsolicited reviews”. Therefore by reading it you are partaking in this experience.

I have to say that MoRoCo gets packaging for a gift right. A beautiful lavender bag with almost lime green tissue makes the expensive chocolates in their extreme box a delightful package. It’s a gift for yourself or someone else. The large box holding only 6 chocolates is a bit of a disappointment when you open it as you expect more but I would hope the chocolates themselves make up for it.

I chose 6 that were recommended as representative of the range by the lovely man who told me about their enticing tea and brunch. I would have loved to have had the chance to go back there for brunch or tea and if they thrive in their posh Hazelton Lanes location then I shall the next time I am in Toronto.

FULL THROTTLE – 70% Dark Bittersweet Couverture – Bold Alluring Espresso – dark chocolate dry taste somewhat harsh in the dark chocolate? May have faint chilli powder taste but not espresso for sure. There may have been a coffee bean in there that had softened over time and made it taste like a chewy fruit but it wasn’t coffee flavoured.

A FRESH ONE – 62% Dark Bittersweet Couverture – Creamy Strawberry Balsamic Cream – Small lavender daisies – dark chocolate light interior strongly flavoured in fruit which jars against and does not blend well with the dark chocolate however for other palettes and perhaps after dinner it would be delightful. The balsamic doesn’t blend well to help balance everything off.

Pink large cherry blossom decorated chocolate I’m not sure which one it was – dark chocolate and dark ganache lightly flavoured with a floral flavour. The flavour was delicate and lost in the dark chocolate.

MINTJITO – 66% Dark Bittersweet Couverture – Fresh Spearmint, Lime Essence Aged Rum – White bubbles of different sizes – dark chocolate and some strong fruit flavour without any hint of the spearmint – unpleasant

FLIRT – 40% Deep Milk Couverture – Tangy Raspberry Ganache – Pink Hearts – dark chocolate raspberry my favourite of the lot and probably the only one I liked. It still isn’t as nice as Paul A Young but of the batch it was the one I liked. The lack of quality of chocolate used as a base lets this chocolate down.

CHAI ONE ON – 40% Deep Milk Couverture – Indian Chai Spice Tea – White paisley – milk chocolate – It was awful but this is because of the base milk chocolate which tasted too sweet and slightly artificial. I think the spices were OK and maybe in a different chocolate base they’d be nicer but as it is – yuck.

moroco chocolates reviewAll in all the chocolates are mediocre but this, I believe, is due to the base chocolate they are using. Switching to Amadei, Valhrona or anything else would help bring these up from a mid-level chocolate to a top notch chocolate shop.

It seems to me that the poor quality of the chocolate is masked by the extremely posh packaging and the matching everything and the location in the expensive area of Toronto. Given what Stubbe Chocolates, Soma and Ambiance Chocolat are doing there are great filled chocolate-makers in Toronto so there is no excuse for using a poor quality base chocolate and making medocire chocolates.

I suppose that’s why “she” doesn’t like unsolicited reviews – maybe she gives journalists a different selection – maybe they get to try the hot chocolate instead or maybe she gives them chocolates made with a different base chocolate. Whatever the reason, this chocolate seems at the moment to be more form than substance.

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  1. Joff says:

    What a shame that the taste doesn’t live up to the presentation, because they look fantastic from the photos above.

    I’ve been involved in other industries where the trademark owners frown upon others discussing their brands by name, be it on reviews or forums, etc. I think it’s very petty and only suggests they’ve got something to hide.
    If anything it encourages some to go out of their way to discuss it, which doesn’t do the trademark owner any favours.

    Looks like you’ll have to watch your back from now on! lol

  2. JudithLewis says:

    They are visually stunning chocolates in a pretty presentation box and then placed in a beautiful bag with tissue making it a real luxury purchase but then the chocolate really lets them down.

    I believe the supplier of this lower quality chocolate has gone bankrupt sadly so I’m not sure what Canadian chocolate suppliers will do about base chocolate from now on.

    At least my recent visit back to Soma in the Distillery Districk of Toronto was seriously positive!

  3. cybele says:

    Great write up. I always prefer to “secret shop” chocolate shops to announcing that I want to write about a company. (But sometimes I go back later to get the inside scoop.) What’s the point of reviewing something that the consumer can’t get?

    Some of it reminds me of the excellent UK Rococo (well, the name & design + flavor combinations).

    Though Callebaut is in bankruptcy, I expect that someone will buy them or they’ll restructure. (Which means folks can go right on using them. They’re not awful, but more of the kind of stuff I’d use for baking/ingredients, not decadent bonbons.)

  4. JudithLewis says:

    I’m assuming Callebaut will arise from the ashes as it’s only a paper loss. Still gutting for the owner I’m sure. The chocolate is fatty and has an artificial flavour to it I find which is why it is a shame people use it for high quality chocs.

    I think MoRoCo actually beats Rococo as a decadent design. Having been to both I think MoRoCo probably stylistically reminds me of Rococo but the whole mauve big box, impressive bag and tissue really edges Rococo out.

    The chocolate is still pants though… 🙂

  5. tax attorney says:

    Thanks man. It is cool reading.

  6. power says:

    their products look beautiful, but taste below average.

  7. new says:

    what a waste of money

  8. C says:

    Now if only we could find the distributer of those teas they have

  9. LondonSheSaid says:

    Ok, i read your post but not before I boarded up all the windows and doors. The landlord will be delighted.

  10. siobhan redman says:

    Howdy! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so
    I came to take a look. I’m definitely enjoying the information.
    I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to
    my followers! Excellent blog and great design.
    I can’t believe these MoRoCo people – what idiots

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