Marks & Spencer Belgian Chocolate Truffles Review

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M & S Chocolate TrufflesI have to admit that M&S is not the kind of place that I would expect to get any kind of decent chocolate at.  OK chocolate I’ll give you but to move in to the GOOD or even TOP NOTCH categories, you really need to be doing something outstanding.

It was a bit of a surprise when I discovered just how good these Belgian chocolate truffles were.  They are dark chocolate lightly dusted with cocoa powder and as you can see, they aren’t the best looking chocolates.  Bite in to one and you’ll know why they made it to my GOOD chocolate list.

They are smooth to melt in your mouth with a slightly fatty texture but not unpleasant flavour.  The chocolate itself is not top notch but is a pleasant rich chocolaty flavour which is almost like an intense hit of high quality hot chocolate in a truffle.

There is no shell to this truffle and no inner ganache filling but it is the kind of chocolate you need just one of and the chocolate flavour remains in the mouth, making you feel satisfied for longer.

Dissecting the chocolate itself into flavour notes is like trying to sift through mud – no one note of the flavour stands out and it just all mixes together in the mouth which does not make it unpleasant but does not make the chocolate outstanding.

I use this chocolate as a way of showing other people how mass market chocolate can be good.  It is a great bridging chocolate that is unassuming and not intimidating.

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