Choc Star Van Trillionaire’s Shortbread

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A decadent combination of 1.3cm of brownie, 1.5cm of thick caramel and 2mm of chocolate.

One thing about millionaire shortbread is that the cookie base means the caramel squishes out in a big gooey mess.  I love them but this messiness means I don’t enjoy them as often as I would like to.  That and I only like home made fresh ones.

The Choc Star Van trillionaire shortbread is delicious.  The caramel is slightly grainy without the depth of flavour that using a sugar with a higherChock Star Van Trillionanaire Brownies molasses content would bring but that might have been a bit too much.  The brownie is slightly dry which helps it crumble when you bite in to it but it also seems to have a mouth-feel of desiccated coconut but does not have a coconut taste. This leaves a slightly grainy feeling in the mouth which regrettably detracted from the experience for me.

An almost perfect baked yummy, this was worth the diversion to the Choc Star Van.

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