Oreo Cookie Brownie from OutsiderTart

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Never one to turn down an opportunity to eat brownies or cookies, I purchased the Oreo cookie brownie from Outsider tart at the Chocolate Festival.  A large slab of Oreo cookie goodness, I stole home with the prize.

Outsider Tart Oreo Cookie Brownie

Outsider Tart Oreo Cookie Brownie

This is a hard brownie, offering no soft yielding centre as some do.  Indeed, Oreo cookies are not always soft and yielding unless you get Canadian double stuff (in my opinion).

The brownie had a base of cookie goodness which crumbled deliciously with each bite.  Oreos taste slightly artificial and regrettably this came through but not because of anything with the Outsider Tart manufacture of said brownie but rather Mr Christie’s own failure.  The top was a hard sugary confection with chunks of the centre still visible.

A very different brownie and not what you would expect.  Cut it into squares and serve it to your guests.

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