Choc Star Van Double Chocolate Brownie

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Chock Star Van BrownieBrownies come in all shapes and flavours.  Some flavours are deep and complex, others false and dry.  The Choc Star van has a double chocolate brownie they insisted I buy and try once I revealed I was reviewing them.

As you can see, this brownie looks normal enough.  It has the requisite crunchy top, slightly broken once cooled.  It is a lovely dark brown colour and it seems lovely and chewy.  Taking a piece you can smell the scent of chocolate.  The middle is a soft inviting chocolate with the edge a lovely crunchy surround.

The flavour is string but the middle is not too grainy, with the mixing of the constituent ingredients thoroughly done.  The baking has been complete, with no uncooked areas in the middle, despite the soft, melting centre.  This makes it a fabulous brownie, delicious but with a limited shelf life.

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  1. colette says:

    i want a vans brownie havent had one in 35 years it was the first brownie i ever ate and id sure love to have some more ill never forget the taste theres no other brownie like it can you still get them

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