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Will Your Town Win a Chocolate Sign from Cadbury?

Cadbury Dairy Milk Puddles brought joy to Puddletown with a life-size chocolate sign made of 30 kilos of solid Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. For those who missed the weekend’s events, the lucky residents of Puddletown, Dorset awoke to a tasty ...

Prestat Pecan & Maple Dream and Toasted Pistachio Reviewed

Prestat Pecan & Maple Dream and Toasted Pistachio Reviewed

Prestat's roots begin in 1902 in London by Chocolatier extraordinaire Antoine Dufour, following his family's creation of the chocolate truffle in Chambery, France, in 1895. Antoine saw an opportunity to bring his skills to London, where chocolate cafes and shops ...

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all purdy bars

Purdys Single Origin Bars Reviewed

I contacted Purdys to ask them a bit about their single origin bars like why did they decide to do it. What were they hoping to bring to chocolate with their single origins? Why had they chosen those specific origins? ...

heroes tin

Chocolate Heroes Oust Bournvile to Welcome New Addition

This year you may notice something different in your tub of Heroes. Well, those of you who buy Heroes. I may occasionally... you know... when they are on special... I might buy two... or you know... maybe more... ANYWAY – you ...

London Goodies From House of Dorchester Chocolates

It’s Lahdahn innit? From the Queen to the Routemaster bus (the original, not the new-fangled one), London is iconic. To celebrate al things London and British, the lovely folk at House of Dorchester who have been making chocolate goodies for ...

james chocolate chilli

James Chocolates Chilli Chocolate Sampler Reviewed

I think James Chocolates chocolate is fun and this box is four times the fun. I love the pink and purple but I also really enjoy the chocolate. Of all the chocolates I brought in to the office, James Chocolates ...

crunchems bag

Cadbury Crunchems Reviewed

Every so often I like a bit of what I call "trashy chocolate". That is, something that is just for indulgent pleasure and not reviewing or slowly letting melt in my mouth or anything – something that is just all ...

New Malteesers Teasers Bar

New Malteesers Teasers Bar

At the holidays, when you get those big tubs of miniatures, I used to leave the “Teasers” behind. I was all ‘if it isn’t a real Malteeser, why would I want it?’ and so it languished with the Bounty and ...

elizabeth shaw milk

Elizabeth Shaw Milk and Dark Chocolate Egg Review

I have fond feelings for Elizabeth Shaw. Not only do they make most of their chocolate in a UK facility (the little alcohol choccies are apparently made on the continent), but they also make the little round mint crisp chocolates ...

sugar eggs

Carluccio’s Easter Selection Reviewed

I have to admit, I was unsure what  fish had to do with Easter when I received the press release from Carluccio's but I thought why the heck not. I mean, what have bunnies, lambs and badgers got to do ...

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