Thorntons Milk Chocolate with Strawberry

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Thorntons Milk Chocolate with Strawberries

Thorntons Milk Chocolate 32% Madagascar Cocoa with Strawberries

This bar is made with a very creamy Madagascar 32% cocoa filled with dried strawberries.   What a different idea as most strawberry chocolate is made with white chocolate.

This sweet chocolate has a slightly different flavour than Thorntons other milk chocolate.  It is smooth and creamy with a stronger flavour of cream.  The chocolate has a slight preservative flavour as it first starts to melt but the reason you’re eating this chocolate isn’t for the chocolate itself but for the lovely strawberry pieces.

Nothing nummier than letting the chocolate melt in your mouth then slowly nibble the strawberry bits except maybe chewing them and gobbling them down in one delicious mouthful.  It’s not hard to see why this bar won gold.  While I still prefer higher quality bean to bar chocolate, this is a great bar and perfect for gift giving on its own or as part of a selected pack from Thorntons.

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