My Favourite Easter Eggs for 2020

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It’s crazy right now but thank goodness the Easter Bunny is an essential worker (as is the Tooth Fairy) and as such, I fully expect The Rabbit to leave me something delicious hidden around the house. I know I’ll just need to find it.

So far, I have had the chance to try some eggs early and yes I ate them pre-Easter and yes it’s not the way things are supposed to go but I haven’t eaten all my eggs.

In all cases, I’d like to encourage you to buy ethical eggs. Cadbury/Mondelez created CocoaLife to fund programs in the country of origin for cocoa (Ghana in most cases) to help farmers grow smarter and better and also they are absolutely guaranteed a minimum of over commodity prices for their cocoa. More ethical is Luker chocolate which is apparently a family owned company which I didn’t realise until recently. Also there are loads of companies using directly traded chocolate or paying way above commodity prices for cocoa like Askinosie in the US, Duffy Red Star in the UK, plus the amazing Chocolate Madagascar who do everything in origin which is quite rare.

Selfridges new artisan Easter Egg – Everyone loves different chocolate. While I’m a huge fan of the exceptionally rich and fruity, this is a much more typical chocolate flavour from Luker. As a family owned company, you’re getting an egg made from some great quality chocolate. It was listed at £29.99

Hotel Chocolat Caramel Bunnies – So Hotel Chocolat don’t have any eggs available for mail order because they streamlined though they probably have them in store and my favourite is the Extra Thick (and they really are) Just Milk egg with the little eggs inside it but if you are self-isolating or want to stay safe, the caramel bunnies are delicious though voluminous. The only available Easter product is £28

Monty Bojangles Choccy Scoffy Easter Egg – I appreciated this egg which was sent to me for the fact I could eat the chocolates (the scoffy choccies) without looking like I was simply eating my eggs early 😉 It’s available in some supermarkets, was on Amazon but I can’t find it in stock and it is available online from Real Foods and other places for £6.75 or so.

Cadburys Eggs (I’ve got Bournville, Darkmilk and the amazing no-longer-full-tin of mini eggs) – these are pretty much a staple of Easter. I usually opt for mini eggs and not the bigger eggs but I was gifted these and I do also buy Cadbury at Easter. It’s a bit challenging to do Easter this year but I’d highly recommend being diverse with eggs and not just buying masses of plain milk chocolate eggs but get creative – hide some eggs but create a basket for kids with other chocolate as well. Eggs were still plentiful at my local supermarkets and were at various prices.

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