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james chocolate chilli

James Chocolates Chilli Chocolate Sampler Reviewed

I think James Chocolates chocolate is fun and this box is four times the fun. I love the pink and purple but I also really enjoy the chocolate. Of all the chocolates I brought in to the office, James Chocolates ...

cloud cocoaland chilli truffles

Cloud Cocoaland Chili Dark Chocolate Truffles Reviewed

I do enjoy Trish’s chocolates. The lovely flavours, the passion that goes into each one, the hard work. Her chocolates are a reflection of her own personality and although I don’t know her that well, if these are a reflection ...

south devon chilli farm

South Devon Chilli Farm Chocolate Treats

I had absolutely no idea that there was a chilli farm in the UK – I assumed they were always grown elsewhere. I like chilli but I hadn’t done much research into the UK’s farming of chilli. That was before ...

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