James Chocolates Chilli Chocolate Sampler Reviewed

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james chocolate chilliI think James Chocolates chocolate is fun and this box is four times the fun. I love the pink and purple but I also really enjoy the chocolate. Of all the chocolates I brought in to the office, James Chocolates still has the record as being my boss’ favourite chocolate.

The chilli tasting box from James Chocolates is fun and I can see it making a really fun gift. With 4 different types of chili chocolates, it has something for everyone to try.

The boss’ favourite the chilli honeycomb is in here. The boss tried it again and he felt that the small drizzle of sweeter chocolate made it different from the other chilli chocolate honeycomb chunks but it is still a favourite. The chilli with the honeycomb means you get the heat but without it becoming overwhelming.

james chocolate chilliThe firecracker disks were liked by the office as well. Different people liked the disks but the honeycomb was really the star (thought the chilli peppers did get a lot of comments). The popping candy was a delightful surprise. These disks are fun and completely different from the honeycomb.

The chilli pepper shaped chocolate probably got the most attention by the people I shared it with. The smoky taste wasn’t for me but there were a few folk though went back to the bag again and again so I’m thinking that they might not have liked the honeycomb as much but they certainly liked these chillies.

The raspberry and chilli beans were a bit weird for me. No one I shared with really knew what to make of them. They were enjoyed but they didn’t seem to be able to categorise them in a specific way and as such I think they kept eating them to try and figure them out. At least that’s my assumption as to why people were humming and hawing and eating more and more.

All in all I think this is a cute gift of a fun present for a hostess. It’ll give people something to try and to chat about and become a real ice breaker. It’ll be fun with cheese and great with a sweet port and maybe a lot of water… perhaps milk to 😉

You can buy James Chocolates online here

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