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Great chocolate – not as good as high quality, but better than most

thorntons classics advent-calendar

Advent Calendars From Thornton’s Reviewed

It's blazing hot summer sun and I am in a room with a giant snowman, snowdog (made of chocolate), large 'boy' in pyjamas, and carts demonstrating Christmas goodies from Thornton's. There will be a goodie bag and I hope to ...

Godiva Advent Calendar Reviewed

Advent calendars for adults from Godiva - and they gifted me one for the holidays! Well, it looks like Godiva have made a lie of my assertion that advent calendars are matched to the 24 hour clock by delivering one ...

montezuma three bars

Montezumas Open Sesame Peeling Amorous Charlies Luck Bars Reviewed

I do enjoy the occasional Montezuma's chocolate. Quite apart from the name, they do try very hard to combine their 'fairly traded' ethical standpoint with great tasting chocolate. It's a fun treat and the British bars they brought out for ...

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vietcacao flavours

VietCacao Milk Chocolate with Cinnamon Cashews and Dark Chocolate with Peppermint

You may recall I did a review of the pure Ben Tre bars. They really were delicious and well worth the investment as they not only help the farmers sell their delicious beans, the chocolate company also support students with ...

chocolate salami

Chocolate Salami From Lick the Spoon Reviewed

When I say "chocolate salami", chances are you’re not going to straight away envision the item I received. The fact it looked a lot like a salami aside, the vision of meat and chocolate somehow coming together with a smokiness ...

cloud cocoaland chilli truffles

Cloud Cocoaland Chili Dark Chocolate Truffles Reviewed

I do enjoy Trish’s chocolates. The lovely flavours, the passion that goes into each one, the hard work. Her chocolates are a reflection of her own personality and although I don’t know her that well, if these are a reflection ...

sea salt caramel baton

Charbonnel et Walker After Dinner Collection

With so many chocolates available on the market in so many gorgeous boxes, what you choose to grace your table with for coffee says as much about your tastes as dinner did. Choosing something fun but light, delicious but impactful ...

Ferdia sea salt caramel balls inside

Danucci Ferdia Sea Salted Caramels with 70% Coverture Reviewed

I've received a few things from Fredia Fine Foods but few made me as excited as these sea salt caramels. There's nothing like a delicious ball filled with sea salt caramel to just take the edge off a chocolate craving, ...

divine caramel bar

Divine Chocolate Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar Reviewed

I remember reading, likely on Facebook, that Green & Blacks has stopped producing their caramel bars. I was kind of disappointed because, sea salt caramel fan though I am, there are times I enjoy a bit of a sweeter treat. ...

Cocoretto Chocolates Selection Box Reviewed

Cocoretto Chocolates Selection Box Reviewed

I love trying new chocolates and these were an absolute treat. Made with Valrhona chocolate, these truffles are beautiful. You can see the colours and different textures that you are in for as you gaze over the boxes content. The ...

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