Advent Calendars From Thornton’s Reviewed

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It’s blazing hot summer sun and I am in a room with a giant snowman, snowdog (made of chocolate), large ‘boy’ in pyjamas, and carts demonstrating Christmas goodies from Thornton’s. There will be a goodie bag and I hope to goodness it won’t melt before I get it home to review. I swear it is the hottest day of the year but when this goes live, it’ll be colder – maybe even snowing. So pretending we are moving forward in time… it is November and maybe it is snowing… I’m reviewing the advent calendars I was gifted…

I love advent calendars but at the same time I hate them. Each day I get to unwrap a new chocolate and yet… yet I want more. In fact, I posited that advent calendars were not actually for a month but for a day HERE. Think about it – 24 hours in a day, 24 windows in an advent calendar…

thorntons snowman advent-calendarThe Snowman Advent Calendar – this is so cute! In fact, it is so cute I had to share it with my nephew. I couldn’t keep it for myself! The Snowman is a magical story I’d never read before but the folk at Thornton’s also gave me the book. No words – just images and I’d never read it before. The calendar has milk chocolate shapes as well as white chocolate snowmen which are just so cute. There is also a nametag. I tried my hand at icing my name on a chocolate slab and BOY was that difficult so kudos to the staff who do that. I love the personalisation. I think that is one of the nicest things Thornton’s do is the personalisation. If you buy one I’d opt for the personalisation. There is less than 100g of chocolate in here so while perfect for kids, I recommend something more substantial for adults…

thorntons classics advent-calendarClassics Chocolate Advent Calendar – This is over 300g of chocolate truffle delight. In fact, there are chocolates every day and for those of us (me) who just can’t wait to open the next window so there is a Moments window for Christmas day… errrrr… any day! The website probably does a better job than K could at describing this extremely large box of chocolates than I would because I haven’t eaten the chocolates yes. Yes, after giving Snowman away I kept the truffles but I haven’t tasted them yet! The website says: “Hiding behind each window is a yummy daily mouthful of melt-in-the-mouth chocolate guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of little ones and grown-ups alike. With new flavours from the Classics range including nutty truffles and smooth pralines, to gorgeously gooey caramels and creamy fudges as well as old favourites, on the big day you’ll be treated to an extra taster with a new chocolate from our Moments range.”

I always enjoy Thornton’s. It does come up a bit sweet for me but that means the bulk of the population will love it. Just because it is sweet though doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it – I have my favourites and so does my husband, his family, my office, their friends and everyone. It seems like everyone has  a favourite Thornton’s chocolate and if that’s also you, why not treat yourself to an advent calendar? You may choose to down it all in 24 hours or make it last. If you down one in 24h I’d go with the snowman one. For one to make last, opt for the Classics or the Continental. Triangles are Christmassy anyway 😉

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