Godiva Advent Calendar Reviewed

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Advent calendars for adults from Godiva – and they gifted me one for the holidays! Well, it looks like Godiva have made a lie of my assertion that advent calendars are matched to the 24 hour clock by delivering one with 25 windows. Yep, the Godiva advent calendar is 25 chocolates full of deliciousness.

A quick check of the back seems to show 22 different chocolates listed including the dark chocolate heart with a ganache filling, white chocolate figurines, a caramel filled one, a chocolate caramel and more.

Sadly, the ingredients list has listed palm oil. I know from chatting with the Divine chocolate company that caramel is almost impossible to find without palm oil and they spend a long time finding any and that is where the palm oil is coming in to it. According to the company, “Godiva has never used palm oil in any of its solid chocolate items. Some of the fillings we use in our chocolates contain palm oil. We are currently working to reformulate our recipes while still upholding the quality of taste that people have come to expect from Godiva.”

Happily while the dark chocolate might only be 50% cocoa solids, it is free of palm oil. I like Godiva chocolate as a treat sometimes. Lady Godiva with a dark chocolate shell and a white chocolate ganache, Volupte Lait with the milk chocolate shell and ganache and all the others are someone’s special chocolate.

This Christmas season, why not give someone the special gift of a Godiva advent calendar. They have shops and are in finer shops all over the world.

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