Rosey Nosey Beer Reviewed (Sort Of)

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I was sent by Aldi a number of bits to review over the holiday period. One of these things was some Rosey Nosey beer. Last year my husband got to it first. I recorded his verdict but this year my step grandfather helped himself to it. His response I too recorded.

Husband: “It was OK. I’m not sure how different it was for a Christmas beer. I wouldn’t refuse it but it was a bit gassy. I don’t know if it really has any special flavour to it. It tastes like beer. I’m not like you sweetheart so I don’t know if I’m supposed to be tasting something different”

My Step-grandfather’s assessment: “It was OK”

So from my husband I gather that it is likely a more hoppy beer with a distinct flavour which isn’t unpleasant but the bubbles are large and numerous to the point that both my husband and step-grandfather mentioned it.

At some point the people in my house are going to learn that the things set aside are not me failing to empty the fridge but actually review bits. Thank goodness the other alcohol I had to review was hidden!

So… it’s only sort-of a review but you can trust this beer from Aldi. Like the Moser Roth truffles you will only find this on the shelves during the holiday season so grab it while you can.

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