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xmas advent calendarI’ve finally figured this all out.  I’ve wondered for awhile at the insanity of the whole 24 thing with these advent things and I’ve finally sussed it I figure – this is not a one chocolate a day thing – this is an all-in-one-day thing.

Think about it – a month has a variable number of days but generally more than 24 – but a single day – well… a single day has TWENTY FOUR HOURS and if we take a look at all these Hotel Chocolat advent calendars they have… wait for it… TWENTY FOUR CHOCOLATES.  Well, I’m thinking I’ve been doing it wrong – we’ve all been doing it wrong. This isn’t some chocolate torture device – this is a mechanism to help us measure the passage of time.

Think about your weekends – your Friday nights – think about your days – the time you spend just doing stuff – this is a way to help you get through every day and it marks off the hours for you. You get CHOCOLATE just for making it through the 24 hours in a day.  It’s like every hour you make it through rewards you with yet another piece of chocolate – yummy. So I thought I’d run through a typical 24h period.

1am – been drinking so deserve some chocolate would do well – it says “let’s begin” so I think more drinking
2am – moar chocolate – this time it’s a dark chocolate “I love Christmas” Well, I do more now!
3am – penguin penguin, DRINK penguin…. no way will I be awake for much longer so I eat an angel, tree, and “have you been good” slab
7am – been awake since 6:45 so now achieve Christmas bauble chocolate!
8am – ouch… ouch… pain and the penguin is hiding his face in disgust at my state… uuurrrrggghhh
9am – snowman says need more nurophen
10am – Christmas turkey dinner shaped chocolate and I’m hungry again…
11am – another Christmas bauble – wondering if I should eat ahead and so scoff tree & present
2pm – chocolate saying “10 days to go” but surely means 10 hours to midnight…
3pm – “cool Yule” chocolate but I don’t feel so cool
4pm – try to hold mistletoe over husband’s head and he eats it so ate bell & “let it snow” in revolt
7pm – “5 days to go” not really… more like 5 chocolates to go!
8pm – “almost there” it’s already beer o’clock though!
9pm – another turkey dinner but it’s left me *starving* so I eat the bell and snowman and give hubby the “it’s Chistmas eve” chocolate even though it isn’t…

OK so I didn’t make it through a full 24 hours but as you can see, clearly these boxes of chocolate are to help you get through a day but for those poor souls who think this is a one a DAY chocolate treat, you have to grab them fast from your local Hotel Chocolat or buy them online.

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