Lick The Spoon Liqueur Cherries & Blonde Truffle

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lick the spoon boxI’m a bit of a fan of Lick the Spoon since their Matcha Chocolate Bar. The creamy white chocolate and good matcha made for a great bar. So I was absolutely thrilled to be sent some goodies for the holiday. One I’ve already reviewed – their chocolate salami – but this is a review of the truffles they sent me. Well, when I say truffles…

Blonde Truffle – Hand piped ganache made with fresh organic cream from Ivy House Farm and smooth buttery caramelised blond chocolate. These were a bit too sweet for me but the office descended upon them and made short work of them. The sweet caramelised  blonde chocolate is reminiscent of Dulcey from Valrhona.

blondieThe Dulcey-esque flakes were also sweet so the combination of the truffle filling, what seems to be a thin bit of milk chocolate and Duncey-esque flakes makes these quite sweet on their own. My tastes have changed and while I do like sweet things, these were slightly over my threshold. Still a delicious truffle which as I hope you are able to see is quite generous in size and the box has lots of truffles in it. I really love the way they were packaged and I also appreciate that they were freshly made. They might have a long-ish shelf life but they are made by hand with love. I’ve met Diana from Lick the Spoon and I know she is passionate about making the best truffles.

chocolate cherriesLiqueur Cherries – Kirsch soaked morello cherries in fondant and dark chocolate. Each one is individually wrapped in colourful twist glassine and there are 6 in a box. These were surprisingly good. I say surprisingly because I hate this type of chocolate with a passion. I would rather eat a Bournville than eat a kirsch soaked morello cherry and yet to review them I tried it and I liked it! Perhaps I’ve only eaten bad ones until now. The cherry had some body and crunch to it, the chocolate was a dark counterpoint to the fondant and the flavour balance was quite pleasant. I could taste the booze but it wasn’t off-putting. I’d like to think both Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry would like them 😉

Despite me not being a huge fan of either of these chocolates I can tell they are well made and high quality. I am not the god of taste and I do not have the authority or the right to tell you what to like or not like. If you like boozy cherries, you’re going to LOVE these ones. If you prefer sweeter truffles, get these ones. The combination of a darker white and milk chocolate is going to make them a safe bet for any sweet chocolate fan. Why not give them as a gift and try one after they are opened and shared 😉

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