Chocolate Salami From Lick the Spoon Reviewed

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chocolate salami wholeWhen I say “chocolate salami“, chances are you’re not going to straight away envision the item I received. The fact it looked a lot like a salami aside, the vision of meat and chocolate somehow coming together with a smokiness and a saltiness and a greasiness just didn’t appeal but I trusted the folk at Lick the Spoon and they didn’t give me a chance to refuse – they sent one along for me to try 🙂

The elongated chocolate-coated fudgy chocolate with lashings of fruit and nut immediately had me thinking of phallic things and wondering how anyone could a) handle it or b) cut into it. Fear not guys, I was as delicate and tender as anyone could be when taking a knife to a long object which required cutting… 😉
chocolate salami
Now, what I didn’t expect was the delightful sugar-dusting to emulate a real salami. That white powdery coating with the string net just made this look and feel like a real salami. Cutting in, you are aware that there is a just-thick-enough coating of solid chocolate which is covering the actual fudgy chocolaty interior, preventing it getting too much air and enabling the making of what seemed like a giant ganache. The fruit and nuts inside were great. It isn’t my favourite combination but I do see the attraction and this is particularly well executed.

It does melt in the mouth and it is rick and fudgy without bitterness. Even though it has a generous dusting of white sugar it isn’t too sweet and it is a really delightful treat. So all in all this was an amazing and generous treat with its large size (over 300g). You can’t eat more than a slice (OK… I managed 2 with my coffee) and it does go exceedingly well with coffee after dinner. I can see bringing out the cheese, coffee and this salami and everyone kind of wondering and then cutting it open to reveal the fudgy chocolate.

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