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Great chocolate – not as good as high quality, but better than most

godiva valentines

Godiva Valentine Sweetheart’s Chocolate Box

It's difficult navigating your way through the endless parade of pink things and Tatty Teddy and the like at Valentine's day. Roses are at a premium, everything is heart-shaped and more and more people in my social circle are turning ...

Godiva heart cookie

Godiva Heart Shaped Dark Chocolate Truffle Cookies (Chocolate Truffle Heart Biscuits)

I'm a sucker for heart shaped things especially when it comes to cookies and chocolates. I just have a soft spot for Valentines chocolates and cinnamon hearts. I cannot get enough cinnamon hearts. If I was 15 again I'd be ...

Divine Dark Chocolate and Caramel Chocolate Bar Reviewed

Divine Dark Chocolate and Caramel Chocolate Bar Reviewed

I believe this may be a world first – a palm oil free caramel which was specifically developed by Divine as none existed on the market (or none that was good enough for them ;-) ) has been encased in ...

godiva chef box

Godiva Chef Inspirations Saveurs du Monde Chocolates Reviewed

These chocolates are complicated flavours all brought together by the various head chefs of flavour all around the world who work for Godiva. Whether in Japan, the USA, Brazil or elsewhere, each head chef designs flavour collections for their local ...

goody bag

Hotel Chocolat Wins Christmas

Luxury cocoa grower and chocolatier Hotel Chocolat has a dazzling 2014 Christmas collection. I know, I've eaten most of it *burp* You all know if you follow me on Twitter that I love Hotel Chocolat. I am always on the lookout ...

divine christmas 2014

Divine New Christmas 2014 Chocolate Bars

I love Christmas and the flavours that come with it. I also love Divine and the highly ethical approach they take with cocoa growers like paying promptly, paying at least Fairtrade costs but also being 45% owned by the farmers ...

judes ice cream

Judes Ice Cream Flavours Reviewed

There's something absolutely brilliantly amazing about ice cream that uses quality local ingredients. It always tastes better as though the love and care of the people making it seeps into the very fabric of the food. It wasn't surprising to ...

Take A Fancy's Gooey Pecans Reviewed

Take A Fancy’s Gooey Pecans Reviewed

While I was home I resolved to buy as much local chocolate as I could and try it out. I was pleasantly surprised by some (like Wild Sweets) and disappointed by others. But on the pleasantly surprised camp came Take ...

godiva egg

Godiva Easter Treats Reviewed

I’m not the world’s biggest praline fan so don’t shop as often as maybe I should at Godiva. That said, they did do a range of origin ganaches I was able to try at a press event that blew ...

Hotel Chocolat Facet Egg Reviewed

Hotel Chocolat Facet Egg Reviewed

I love Hotel Chocolat – I’ve toured the factory (the review is somewhere on the blog I can’t find for some reason – will link later), eaten ALL DA CHOKLIT and enjoyed their hospitality on numerous occasions. I have been ...

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