Godiva Chef Inspirations Saveurs du Monde Chocolates Reviewed

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godiva chef boxThese chocolates are complicated flavours all brought together by the various head chefs of flavour all around the world who work for Godiva. Whether in Japan, the USA, Brazil or elsewhere, each head chef designs flavour collections for their local market based on the local market’s tastes and here those chefs have all come together and created a single quintessential chocolate representing their region.

godiva chef chocolatesGodiva decided that since each region had its own unique profile that they would bring them together and enable people to travel the world through a box of chocolates. While not a new idea, this is the first time I am aware of chefs from the local areas creating a single chocolate for a collection like this from and for a single company.

plate of godiva chefThe box is stunning with an embossed design you have to look at to really appreciate. Mine didn’t have a recipe card but you hardly needed one – each chocolate was so different it was easy to tell the difference. Here below I used the Godiva site description and my own experience to describe each chocolate for you 😉

Kuromitsu GanacheJapan – Kuro mitsu Ganache & Valencia almond praline – a delicate flavour combination with the kuro mitsu lending an interesting almost honey flavour to the almond praline taste. A Unique flavour of Japan and not one I had tried before (Kuromitsu that is)

Banana-coconutAfrica – Banana-coconut ganache & cacao nibs – I couldn’t try this one due to my allergy but it looks fab 😉

americaAmerica – Honey glazed almond caramel – This is extremely nutty with a bit of chewiness. The flavour is quite interesting with an almost floral hint coming through. Nutty goodness wi3thout being too bitter to too sweet.

chinaChina – Sichuan Pepper & black tea mousse – I would have sworn I tasted jasmine initially when I bit into this chocolate but the Sichuan pepper comes through as does te black tea mousse. One of my favourite chocolates  from the box!

brazilBrasil – Almond Coffee Praline – this is so strongly coffee that there is no flavour of the praline at all. The praline is smooth but with the branchy puff balls on top they add a pleasing crunch. The coffee is very strong though so unless you love coffee beware!

belgiumBelgium – Sirop de Liége & Speculoos – hopefully saving the best for last 😉 I chose to try this one last. The praline here is a little more pronounced but the speculoos comes through. The sirop de liege is a fun sticky mess in the middle. Sweet and a bit sharp, this chocolate cover chocolate, spices and sweet absolutely perfectly.

So there you have it – the Chef Collection from Godiva is a fun box of globe-trotting taste sensations. If you’re curious about what floats the boat of local chocoholics then this is a global tour of yummy-in-my-tummy. Brilliance from Godiva – and unique too 😉

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  1. Simone says:

    What a beautiful box and the range is very diverse. From your descriptions I think I’d like to try the Chinese one the most!

  2. A box with a great variety of chocolates in which is what I love. Nothing worse than settling down to have a few from a box to discover they are all very similar. I love the sound of the Brazioian coffee one – there aren’t enough decent coffee flavoured chocolates in my opinion! The China one sounds fascinating though

  3. I headed straight to the Godiva site after reading your review. This is bookmarked for later purchase. I have to try the African and Japanese chocolates.

  4. Kate says:

    Oooh delicious! I love Godiva chocolate, these look beautiful but I’d demolish them in about 10 mins. Happy New Year! x

  5. Kavey says:

    Used to love Godiva as a teen, but not had any for years, felt their quality/price ratio wasn’t justified any more but it’s been a long time, so will have to retry…

  6. What a great idea to come up with so many different flavours, lots there that I haven’t tried with chocolate before, it would be great fun taking the time to enjoy them 🙂

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Oh what a heavenly box of chocolates! I do miss chocolate, I haven’t had any as I’m trying to lose a few stone! One day…. oh but I want chocolate now!

  8. Wow those looks divine! I love chocolates and it’s not doing me any favour when I need to lose a few pounds 🙂

  9. this sounds amazing, I would love to try the Japanese and Chinese flavours in particular! Was lucky enough to have a Godiva advent calendar so can imagine how tasty they will be.

  10. Eilish says:

    Oh my god I’m drooling looking at all those fab chocolates!!! x

  11. Ahhh that banana one sounds amazing! In fact they all do. I love Sichuan peppercorns so that ticks my boxes too x

  12. Oh my goodness, what a tempting post. The Sichuan Pepper & black tea mousse one sounds incredible

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