Win Dr Oetker Baking Goodies for the Holidays [CLOSED]

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dr oetker baking bountyTis the season to get baking and there’s no better way to get baking than with Dr Oetker. If you remember, husband preferred the Dr Oetker brownies and your family may as well so why not find out by entering to win these yummy goodies from the lovely folk at Dr Oetker!

I have to admit, I’ve started buying Dr Oetker to havein the house. A bit of oil, an egg, etc. and voila you have chocolate chunk cookies or chocolate chunk brownies or cake or more. It is just a whole lot of awesomeness in a box or a bag and in this lovely box of bountiful goodness is your key to holiday success.

Besides the great brownies I’ve already made and the white chocolate chunk brownies, you’ll also get some awesome goodies – chocolate and fudge chunks to use in cookies or on cakes or in cupcakes, some amazing sprinkles and mini marshmallows and chocolate beans plus some easy cupcake icing.

This is *EXACTLY* what you’ll need for the holidays and Dr Oetker are bringing it your way in a lovely hamper of baking goodness.  In fact, I’m so jealous I’m going to buy some cookie mix and make myself some cookies! You’ll get everything you see in the image and let me tell you it is a whole lot of awesomeness.  Why not try the earl grey tea cupcakes or the toblerone shortbread with the goodies you have? How about even more brownies or maybe chocolate cupcakes.

Whatever you try, make sure you pick up your extra baking supplies from the supermarket and take it from someone who has both been given and bought Dr Oetker baking supplies – they are a name I trust along with Betty Crocker 🙂

How to WIN these awesome goodies! You can enter one of 3 ways:
Leave a comment with your favourite recipe on this blog and why you like it (you don’t have to leave the whole thing)
Tweet “I’m baking with Dr Oetker and @mostlyaboutchoc this holiday & you could too – check out”
Comment on this post on Mostly About Chocolate on Facebook and tell me about a baking disaster you want to avoid by using these Dr Oetker goodies!

I will use to choose between these 3 entry methods then I will use to select the winner.

And to the rules:

1.Only one entry per method per household.
2.The competition closes on 15th December 2011 at 12 noon.
3.Only open to those 14 or over on 5th December 2011.
4.I’ll choose 1 winner randomly
5.Only available to UK addresses.
6.No cash alternative available.
7.Your details won’t be passed onto anyone else except the Dr Oetker folk who will be sending you the prize!

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9 Responses to Win Dr Oetker Baking Goodies for the Holidays [CLOSED]

  1. Kavey says:

    Probably a favourite baking one is a simple banana bread, really cake, not bread at all. It’s very easy to make and I always get huge compliments on it, which is always nice!

  2. Oooh, since this reminded me, the Toblerone cookies are probably my favourite. Hmm..wonder if Toblerone would work in my oaty Christmas cookies…

  3. amy marantino says:

    i like to make cookie press almond-flavored sugar cookies, because they are yummy and remind me of my grandmother.

  4. My favourite chcolate treat has always been marzipan log. I make a thick chocolate ganache with dark choc and cream, and whip it slightly after chilled and tempered to room temperature, I pipe it into long lines, and chill again until firm. Then rolling out marzipan I make a sausage popping the piped chocolate inside using egg wash to hold it firmly. Then cover in a layer of melted chocolate all round, cutting into small round slices for petit fours.

    Its easy to prepare with children once you have done the original stage, they can help cover with marzipan and they love painting chocolate onto the logs. I dont have a picture unfortunately, but they are fab.

    I love reading your blog, Many thanks for hosting this giveaway. These are definately ingrediants I would use with the children this christmas,

    I have tweeted to, @stralisemiai

  5. olivia kirby says:

    the toblerone topped cupcakes, they look supreme! will give them a go for my dad this xmas; he LOVES toblerone :-))

  6. bakingaddict says:

    It would have to be chocolate chip cookies because I love cookies and there’s something simple and pleasing about a chocolate chip cookie. It reminds me of childhood and of the simple pleasures in life! Plus they are easy to make and taste good all the time. Brownies are a close second.

  7. Gretchen says:

    I have just baked a Swedish tea ring which went down a storm with my colleagues. They can be challenging to make, but well worth the effort!

  8. Jessica says:

    My favourite recipe has to be red velvet cupcakes from the hummingbird bakery cake days book! The cakes just has a different texture to other cupcakes thats somehow silkier 🙂 Their vibrant red colour makes them look really impressive too!

  9. Sugel says:

    Winter in London brings about waves of depression to the cheeriest people. The sun sets as early as 4pm, and the absence of light simply….deflates. I find that I bake a lot more during the coldest months. For me, baking is one the best ways to take away some of that stress and depression. Sinking my teeth into home-baked goodies make me a wee bit happier too. I also like to spread the love (or erm, crap, depending on how the baked goods turn out) by giving them to colleagues and friends, hopefully they like them as well (if you don’t, you must let me know before I inflict more suffering onto you….).

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