Dr Oetker Double Chocolate Brownie Mix

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dr oetker brownie mixOn a busy day when I was dashing all over town I missed cupcake making with Dr Oetker and the lovely Sarah saved me a goodie bag and added a few bits so I could make my own cupcakes. I decided to try and make cupcakes from the brownie mix I got.

dr oetker brownie mix stuffI’m used to making brownies and the huge amount of faf involved so you can imagine how thrilled I was that all I had to do was dump the mix in the bowl, add oil an egg and water and voila I was done. On top of that I had a packet of chocolate chunks. I had nothing to do but mix and decant. Holy cow I forgot how easy cooking with a mix was. Glory glory glory!

So I had all my stuff out and was getting excited about making brownie cupcakes. I was going to draw on them, decorate them and do all sorts with them. What I hadn’t counted on was that they wouldn’t be suitable for that but I didn’t know that when I got excited about it and spread everything out on the counter.

dr oetker brownie mix add in chunksI mixed the chocolate brownie mix in minutes. It was far too easy! Brownies should be more difficult than this! But no – it was easy easy easy. I decanted them into cupcake papers and added water to the empty holes. I don’t know why – I just heard somewhere you were supposed to.

dr oetker brownie mix in cupsI really thought this was all far too easy. So I mixed, decanted and baked. They came out with that perfect crust on top and just really yummy. They were actually a bit too sweet for me but whereas husband *never* eats my brownies, he ate several of these. Sad but true.

So I ended up leaving them naked but inspired to buy myself some more cake and cookie mixes. I just can’t get over how easy it was to make these brownies and how much husband liked them – more than mine made from scratch!
dr oetker brownies

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