Askinosie Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

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askinosie hazelnut chocolate spreadFor a long time I thought that Pierre Marcolini had made the ultimate chocolate spread. It was like pudding in a jar for spreading on a rice cake or toast. It was glorious. But then my head was turned by another man…

The Chocolate Hazelnut Spread from Askinosie is a stunner. It is a thick, glorious jar of the most delightful spread possible. No Nutella, this.  This is something so far removed from Nutella as to not deserve being mentioned in the same breath.

askinosie hazelnut chocolate spreadThis thick rich chocolate spread is like a glorious single origin chocolate bar that has been slightly melted and slightly whipped. It will make you melt and fall in love again. It will remind you why there is such pleasure and joy in sharing and you’ll slather a piece of warm bread or toast and give it to someone you love because you know that as they bite in to that glorious chocolate spread that has no taste of hazelnuts to me at all and smile. That smile will be the smile of someone who tastes the deep, dark single origin chocolate that is dark with a hint of light and knows how much you sacrificed.

This chocolate spread is not bitter at all. The soft edge of the chocolate is rounded and fudgy. This is a thick, glorious chocolate spread without much of a hazelnut flavour at all.

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  1. Melissa says:

    OMG!! MUST HAVE!!!!

  2. Nikita Gould says:

    Woah, a chocolate spread, love to have this tonight while in the couch watching dvd’s thank you for giving me the idea. Hope to see more of your chocolate experience!

  3. Lianne Drenning says:

    Hazelnuts are produced in commercial quantities in Turkey, Italy, Greece, Georgia, in south of the Spanish region of Catalonia, in the UK county of Kent and in the American states of Oregon and Washington. Turkey is the largest producer of hazelnuts in the world with approximately 75% of worldwide production..

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