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Places offering high quality food at moderate prices or where it is well worth spending the extra few quid

theos simple italian inside

Theo’s Simple Italian Shines Out – Review

Delightful crazy cocktails for the hottest days, delightful food for the friendliest evenings and right next to a hotel for those sultry nights, Theo’s Simple Italian elevates hotel dining from dull to enticing. Whether it's summer or winter - or should ...

brewhouse hoxton beers

The Brewhouse & Kitchen at Hoxton Reviewed @BKHoxton

The new Brewhouse at Hoxton was a mixed experience for me. The starters I felt were possibly a bit expensive for what you got which is a bit of a bummer because I'd love to do a flight of beer ...

beany green sign in the restaurant

Brunch Any Day of the Week at #BeanyGreen in Paddington Basin by @DaisyGreenFood

When I have a rare day off, and it is a day off with sunshine, it is invariably in the middle of the week and I always wonder where I can go for a late breakfast and give up and ...


L is for… Supper Club – The Underground Restaurant in Toronto with a Chocolaty Edge

It was raining cats and dogs and salamanders. The rain was relentless. From a bright and sunny morning, they day had turned increasingly cold and cloudy with the rain moving in to blanket all of Toronto in a cold, wet ...

beef ribs

TODAY ONLY! Trader Vic’s 4th of July Menu Reviewed

It was perhaps a little different for me as a Canadian to go to a Polynesian-themed restaurant in the United Kingdom to have a dinner celebrating the US Independence Day. The dinner itself was absolutely gorgeous with deep flavours and ...

choc week menu

Plum & Spilt Milk Special Chocolate Week Menu – Get it in Your Belly!

I am a bit of a picky eater. I think that with all my allergies it is probably understandable and as such I often don’t eat out. That and the fact I commute 3.5h a day which kinds of makes ...

Reiko Stewart

The Chocolate Lab at Trump Towers Toronto

There are few words in the English language which, when placed in consecutive order can elicit as strong a response in me as “chocolate” and “lab”. The others are “free” and “champagne” and “lottery” and “winner” but you know, the ...

mango tree starter

Mango Tree Thai Restaurant Review

I talk a lot about chocolate but as the name of this blog implies, I am not solely interested in chocolate. I fact, I generally consider my beat to be chocolate, desserts, spirits & cocktails, wine and confectionery. I rarely ...

Chocolate Week Is Not Yet over at Le Balcon – The Menu Reviewed

Chocolate Week has not yet ended with Le Balcon and La Maison du Chocolat. Their gorgeous menu of chocolate dishes is both reasonably priced and paired with some of the best wines. Depending on your tasted you can choose with ...

benitos hat making mole

Chocolate Week Menu at Benito’s Hat

Benito’s Hat has four locations around London and for the week of Chocolate Week they will be adding to their menu one of the most quintessentially Mexican of Mexican foods – mole! But this is not just any mole – ...

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