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Great chocolate – not as good as high quality, but better than most

sao tome chocolate


Divine Chocolate, the international Fairtrade company co-owned by farmers, is delighted to introduce its first ever organic dark chocolate range. The new range is made with acclaimed high quality cocoa sourced from smallholder farmers in São Tomé aka ‘The Chocolate ...

Velvet Edition from Green & Blacks – The Collection Reviewed

Velvet Edition from Green & Blacks – The Collection Reviewed

Green & Black's has created an whole new line of chocolate bars in dark chocolate. Their Velvet edition uses ethically sourced chocolate from Ghana. These bars have been created with no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives which means things like ...

green & blacks egg opened

Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

I was sent one of the absolutely delightful dark chocolate Easter eggs by Green & Black's and after opening it my whole front room seemed filled with the smell of the rich dark chocolate. That Dominican Republic chocolate has gotten ...

godiva chocs

Godiva Reserve Privee Chocolate Collection

It is not common that a chocolateier from a chain submits their creations in to chocolate awards and yet this is exactly what happened with the Godiva Reserve Privee chocolates. I believe two were entered and both won an award. ...

James Chocolates Spring Summer Collection 2015

I was sent these chocolates for Easter and sadly while their hot cross bun chocolates were absolutely amazing, I didn’t get the chance to write it all up. However I was sent more amazing stuff than just the delicious hot ...

original beans new bars

Original Beans Four New Bars Reviewed – Grand Cru, Edel Weiss, Femmes de Virunga & Kerafat

All my images bar the above one were lost when my phone was stolen so the images are from the Original Beans website HERE. Original Beans is probably one of the most reasonably priced ethical chocolate companies. Somehow they have combined ...

g and b thins

Green & Blacks New Thins REVIEWED: 100g Chocolate Bars in Dark, Milk, Mint, and Salted Caramel

I have to admit to something - before I was sent these bars I had already tasted and judged them. It's hard to mistake the distinctive logo of G&B on bars, plus their distinctive leaf logo and so as the ...

godiva beaded egg

Godiva Easter 2015

Godiva is one of those brands that you don’t realise is actually a bean to bar chocolate maker - but they are. They use beans from various places in the world and it all comes together as the delicious chocolate ...

Hans Sloane Easter Egg Hot Chocolate

Hans Sloane Easter Egg Hot Chocolate

After making and photoing some Hans Sloane hot chocolate in one of my fav mugs at home, my phone was stolen and all the photos lost. They have some cute shapes and for the holidays even had a bauble but ...

hotel chocolat valentines

Hotel Chocolat The Sleekster Valentine’s Selection

I'm a bit of a HC fangirl truth be told. As you might have spotted from my Hotel Chocolat factory tour, I am really impressed with what Hotel Chocolat are trying to do. Last year they had a solid chocolate ...

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