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fruit bombes

Summertime Chocolates to Chill from Hotel Chocolat COMPETITION (UK only)

Summertiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmeeeee and the livin' is chilllllllllyyyyyyyyyy….. Chocs are juuuuuuummmmmpiiiiiing and the centres are luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush… I know – don’t give up the day job (well, part time day job ;-) ) It's unusual to actually chill chocolate in the fridge and it’s something ...

godiva selfridges

Selfridges Easter 2015 is Rather Exciting

Pierre Marcolini who have a rather lovely range of chocolate Easter eggs and are in Selfridges exclusively have shipped their lovely Russian Doll eggs over from Brussels and into London. They are slightly deceptive in that the two larger eggs ...

Aldi Wraps Up Easter with Delicious Chocolate

I love Aldi and I am only a little bit bitter that they haven’t opened in Didcot quite yet. Before Easter would have been awesome but I worry about the traffic issues the shop location will cause for me as ...

fortnums eggs

Fortnum & Mason Has Easter Chocolate in 2015

Sadly I haven’t tried any of the Easter chocolate from F&M this year - I didn’t ask and they didn’t offer so, you know, I could have asked but I'd never have had the chance I'm sure to eat the ...

Cadbury Flavours - CLICK IMAGE to see full map

New study outlines UK flavour trends and how confectionary plays a key role in helping people experiment with new tastes

Cadbury has partnered with leading taste psychologist Greg Tucker to uncover the regional differences when it comes to our favourite flavours. In a nation-wide study into what tickles the nation's taste buds, it's been revealed that where we live can ...

Soma Bahia Black 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

Soma Bahia Black 70% Dark Chocolate Bar Reviewed

The great thing about Soma is that they put a lot of information on their labels. For this Bahia Black chocolate bar, they have put some interesting information on the label: "In Bahia: a region well documented in Jorge Amado's ...

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thorntons cocktails

Thorntons Cocktails Chocolates Reviewed

I love cocktails - a well-made cocktail can make all the difference to an evening. Whether it is a Peach Bellini made with a brilliant fizz, a frozen strawberry daiquiri in the summer to freeze my brain or a White ...

pauls buche

Paul’s Festive Buche de Noel for 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year when evenings are filled with press events, champagne freely flows and because I'm *not* the person who can't walk in a straight line when they arrive at their home station like that ...

crystal box

Godiva – I Once Knew a Girl Called Godiva… (Godiva Christmas Collection 2014)

OK, no, I didn’t but you know – song lyrics that have *NOTHING WHATSOEVER* to do with Christmas ;-) because I am currently sitting through back-to-back, never-ending cheesy Christmas song (*sings* it much be Christmas tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime) So, it’s Christmas and you’re ...

gu mocha hot chocolate

New Gu Hot Chocolate In Three Flavours

Is there anything more delicious than Gu? OK – my mom’s butter tarts but you’re not going to be buying them in your local Sainsburys any time soon. Or ever really. Not if I have any say in things ;-) ...

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