Summertime Chocolates to Chill from Hotel Chocolat COMPETITION (UK only)

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sleeksterSummertiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmeeeee and the livin’ is chilllllllllyyyyyyyyyy….. Chocs are juuuuuuummmmmpiiiiiing and the centres are luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush…

I know – don’t give up the day job (well, part time day job 😉 )

It’s unusual to actually chill chocolate in the fridge and it’s something I am always telling people to *not do* but in this case Hotel Chocoat have specifically formulated these chocolates to be put in the fridge and eaten cold.

Of course, don’t just take my word for it – Hotel Chocolat says “Pop in the fridge to chill, pop in your mouth to thrill. Chill out with this special summertime selection of exquisitely fruity and tangy truffles like our tangy Passion Fruit Bombe our Mojito with zippy lime, frisky mint and a tingling shot of rum. These recipes are even better served after being chilled in the fridge for 30 minutes. Perfect for sharing on endless summer afternoons with friends, or for lifting up even the cloudiest summer day.”

Sharing? Sharing with me and me and of course me? Sure! I can dig that! Sharing with other people… weeeellll…

I’m a bit Hotel Chocolat fan as most of you know. It’s my happy place and as I write this I am enjoying some 40% milk chocolate covered caramelised salted caramel almonds 😀

But Hotel Chocolat have created 3 different collections for you to try if you’d like to try chilly chocs:

mocktailsMocktails to Chill – £10 – Refreshingly fruity mocktail chocolates with tangy real fruit flavours. Inside, you’ll find 16 chocolates in four different recipes: Spiced Pineapple Punch, Peach Iced Tea, Virgin Mojito and Wild Strawberry Daiquiri. Our mocktail chocolates make delicious party pieces at room temperature, but they’re even better if you play it cool. Just chill them for 30 minutes and serve up a unique summertime chocolate treat!

fruit bombesNot a booze-er like me? Have a try of these: Fruit Bombes to Chill – £9 – Our finest fruit bombes in five flavours. Blackcurrant, lime, lemon, cherry and passion fruit chocs to chill with the perfect contrast of real fruit tang and smooth chocolate, best served after chilling for at least 30 minutes. Perfect for sharing on long-shadowed summer afternoons. Pop in the fridge, then pop in your mouth

Wanna go large? There is the Sleekster for £22 which I am giving away 2 of!  38 exquisitely fruity and tangy truffles all in a single box and these are the ones I AM GIVING AWAY!

Thanks so much to Hotel Chocolat I am giving away TWO BOXES of these chocolates – one each to two winners! So you have 2 chances to win and I’ve made sure to give lots of options to win. I feel that it is easy to leave a blog comment so that this the required entry. After that the other bits are optional but increase the number of entries you have in the competition. So I have TWO prizes and so TWO different people could win!

Your comment must be a minimum of 10 words and should describe your favourite Hotel Chocolat chocolate such as their single origin bars, chocolate covered nuts or champer truffles or something else. It has to be over 10 words and has to be about a Hotel Chocolat product.

After that additional entries are for following me and/or Hotel Chocolat on Twitter, tweeting the special tweet exactly with no edits, visiting the Mostly About Chocolate Facebook page and other bits.

There are always rules of course. This is being run through Rafflecopter and the Tweets are additionally being tracked through a hashtag tracker.
1.The competition will finish on Saturday 15th August 2015 as per Rafflecopter widget.
2.The selection of the winner will be selected by Rafflecopter and verified by hand to ensure entry complies with the rules.
3.Only available to UK mainland addresses.
4.No cash alternative available.
5.I reserve the right to exclude entries that I feel are inappropriate (for example, change the tweet or do not leave the minimum 10 words) or are not in the spirit of the competition.
6.Your details won’t be passed onto anyone else except your address to Hotel Chocolat so they can send you the chocolates and will not be kept in any way.
7.I reserve the right to remove entries that I believe aren’t human created or are an attempt to gain an unfair advantage such as automated entries.

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85 Responses to Summertime Chocolates to Chill from Hotel Chocolat COMPETITION (UK only)

  1. Tracey Peach says:

    My favourite Hotel Chocolate is the Eton Mess Slab. It is a Thick slab of Strawberry & Vanilla Chocolate With Meringue & Biscuit pieces. It’s creamy & Crunchy at the same time.

  2. laura banks says:

    the salted dark soft caramel they are yummy and just melt in your mouth

  3. Sarah Pybus says:

    My favourite type of Hotel Chocolat is the slabs 🙂 Eton mess is amazing 🙂

  4. Tracy K Nixon says:

    I regularly buy fromHotel Chocolat as we have a store in Newcastle and at the Metro Centre – so not far from me! One of my favourite buys is their Dizzy Pralines Selector as I adore praline and these ones are the smoothest, silkiest and tastiest I have ever tried before (and I have tried a fair few!)

  5. C Nichols says:

    At the moment I am loving Hotel Chocolat’s Supermilk selector slabs – creamy milk chocolate with an intense taste.

  6. Julie Booth says:

    My favourite Hotel Chocolate chocolate is the almond marzipans from the Sleekster milk collection- I love all marzipan chocolate

  7. iain maciver says:

    salted dark soft caramel they are fantastic and I could eat it till the cows come home

  8. pete c says:

    the Rocky Road Giant 500g Slab is my favourite; it`s large and delicious but wouldnt last long with me!

  9. kim neville says:

    My favourite is the Dizzy Pralines Selector which is a nice silky smooth hazelnut praline and delicious

  10. Tina M Holmes says:

    WE always buy the extra thick eggs for Easter i love the truffles you get inside. expensive but yummy!

  11. winnie says:

    I love their Classic Champagne Truffles, this is the best truffle I have ever tried

  12. Alison says:

    I like the hotel chocolat drinking chocolate. It is great to drink on a winters evening infront of the fire. It has a real taste of chocolate to it and is so indulgent

  13. Linda Harrickie says:

    Classic Champagne Truffles are my favorite as the flavour is devine!

  14. Fiona Paley says:

    I love their caramel chocolate, particularly the Caramel and Co mini slabs.

  15. Kelly L says:

    My absolute fave are the egglets they do at Easter!

  16. William Gould says:

    Florentine Isabelle – That was definitely my favourite out of the one’s left over that my wife didn’t eat from an H box! So I didn’t have many to choose from….

  17. Linsdey C says:

    I adore the Billionaire’s Shortbread – a gorgeous mix of chocolate, caramel and biscuit which isn’t too sweet, but is suprisingly filling, meaning I don’t end up gorging myself to the point of feeling ill (which is my usual poison with chocolate), but can put the packet away satisfied knowing that I have another treat left for later in the week

  18. Ruth Harwood says:

    Classic Champagne Truffles are divine and I love to spoil myself in the bath with a little luxury and decadence x

  19. Michelle Banks says:

    The H-Box Dark Selection looks so mouth watering, especially the Pistachio Praline and the Champagne Truffle.

  20. Nicki Evans says:

    I love the Mocktails to Chill, particularly the Spiced Pineapple Punch, as they are so smooth and fruity.

  21. Laura Pritchard says:

    I love the Rocky Road Giant slab as it’s very decadent & moreish. I’m planning to buy one as a housewarming present for my brother who’s first house is on Rocky Road in Belfast!

  22. Jason Warner says:

    They made these chocolate shortbread cookies which I can’t find on their website anymore. I got them as a birthday gift last year. They were amazing. I want one right now. I’m sad I’m not having one right now. I came to this competition to be happy but now I’m sad I don’t have this cookie.
    Also, pretty much every Rabot dark chocolate bar they do. I’m especially fond of whoever writes the copy for the bars.

  23. Angela Kelly says:

    I love the Billionaire’s Shortbread because it has everything: Smooth chocolate, creamy filling and a delicious shortbread crunch on the top.

  24. Rini M bagoban says:

    Supermilk Hazelnut Slab Selector, the smoothness of the chocolate is a whole new chocolate experience for my mouth! The smoothness and creaminess is one I’ve never experienced before and with the hazelnut texture it’s just the perfect combo and perfectly moreish!

  25. Sian Round says:

    My favourite is the gin truffle – perfect mix of chocolate and booze

  26. gemma clark says:

    I love the slabs that hotel chocolat do. The different flavours they come in are sooo yummy, especially the eton mess one. I wish I could afford to buy them more often! 😉

  27. Elisabeth Ries says:

    I’m a big fan of their Selector chocolates, my favourite is the Blackcurrant Selector. Way not enough blackcurrant and chocolate combinations out there.

  28. claire griffiths says:

    i love their champagne truffles they are just so delicious

  29. Tracy Newton says:

    I love the white chocolate and mint slabs. It is unusual to see mint with white chocolate. They are a great alternative to original after dinner mints. They are also not too sweet. I buy them when I go to the Hotel Chocolat shop in the Metro Centre.

  30. Lindsey Stuart says:

    Salted caramel chocolate is by far the best combination of chocolate yum yum!!!

  31. Nora Saab says:

    I love the Large Chocolate Dipping Adventure; it’s wonderful for sharing and has a mixture of amazing flavours & textures. Also makes a lovely gift

  32. aj says:

    The Salted caramel chocolates just melt in my mouth as I lick my lips.

  33. Choclette says:

    I’m a sucker for Hotel Chocolat salted caramels. They do so many other delicious chocolates, but that would always be my first choice.

    Winning chocolates from you seems to the the only way I manage to get any these days, so crossing fingers.

  34. I love chocolate covered nuts becuase they are nutty like me!

  35. What a brilliant competition, I love chocolate! If I win I will give it to my boyfriend for our half year anniversary 🙂 xx

  36. Starbuck says:

    Would love to win this. Love Hotel Chocolate, especially their Rocky Road to Caramel Extra Thick Easter Egg. Thats the one that I wait all year for!

  37. My favourite products are the Mojito Selectors! They are filled with so much flavour it’s unreal! PErfect for a night in alone or a night with the girls!

  38. claire woods says:

    I can’t see on the website now but I once had some Chilli Chocolate Puddles. They were lovely. Not too hot but very warming in winter.

  39. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    My favourite Hotel Chocolate is the champagne truffles they are a real treat.

  40. Julie Gilbert says:

    My favourite is the Salted Caramel & Pecan Chocolate Spread. Very dreamy! It is good on toast but I actually love it with dates!

  41. Nat thomason says:

    I love the drinking chocolate tastes amazing and helps me sleep I think yum

  42. Tracy Hughes says:

    I treated myself to one of the Extra Thick Eggs a couple of years ago, it wazs fantastic and felt like it lasted me ages.

  43. kellyjo walters says:

    I’ve had a couple of the ostrich eggs, they are just divine so indulgent, The chocolate on the egg is super thick and has a great crunch to the bite..

  44. Patricia Owen says:

    Hotel Chocolat Gemstones – serve these tiny shiny pearls of dark and white chocolate with coffee and you will make friends forever. Confection perfection.

  45. Kat Lucas says:

    We are currently enjoying the Hotel Chocolate Fruit Bombs and are absolutely delicous

  46. Mary Baldwin says:

    My favourites are gin puddles – they taste divine and are my special treat.

  47. mandy says:

    these chocolates look yummy, would love to try them all.

  48. Julie Paton says:

    My favourite Hotel Chocolat is Salted Caramel Puddles – sweet and salty velvety delights 🙂

  49. My favourite Hotel Chocolat chocolate is their scrumptious Rum Truffles. I just adore the flavours and the brilliant combination/ratio of rum to chocolate – They were very generous. Also the chocolate is so rich and creamy.

  50. Emma says:

    My favourite Hotel Chocolat chocolates are, hands down, the little boxes of caramel chocolate Santas and white chocolate snowmen released at Christmas. They are so cute and make perfect gifts for friends and young family members 🙂

  51. Suzanne Howell says:

    I’m a fan of the Hotel Chocolate Salted Caramel Slab – divine deliciousness!

  52. Hannah Igoe says:

    I love the salted caramel puddles that just melt in your mouth and are so moreish

  53. Linda Mawdsley says:

    I like the 100% chocolate nibs they really give you an energy boost and are handy to keep in your bag

  54. Claire Davies says:

    My favourite chocolates are their Pink Champagne Truffles – they are absolutely gorgeous and once you start eating them it is very hard to put them down. We love the new shop that has opened up in Cardiff and also our other favourite is their Little Fancies. Brilliant competition 🙂 Thank you ever so much.

  55. D tige says:

    Mo oh mojito
    oh the snap of the case
    then unctuous creamy chocolate whole mouthful of mouthfeel
    Then cleaving cleanly across the palate an delicious alcoholic kick

    Yep chocolate mojito for me

  56. Karen B says:

    I love the Hotel Chocolat slabs. My favourite is probably the Rocky Road.

  57. Maria P says:

    I love chocolate covered nuts – you just can’t eat enough from them

  58. Lyn Bosomworth says:

    My favourite Hotel Chocolate is the champagne truffles, they dont last long in my house

  59. kayleigh manning says:

    rocky road choc slab is by far my fav 🙂 fingers crossed 🙂

  60. A.E. ADKINS says:

    Salted caramel chocolate – caramel, salt & chocolate combination. What’s not to like?

  61. I loved the Hotel Chocolate Pic n Mix bag at christmas mmmm

  62. charlotte says:

    No matter how gorgeous everything I try from there is, it is the simple but melt in mouth caramel chocolate drops that I always go back to

  63. Greig spencer says:

    i love the Hotel Chocolate slabs they taste so good and are so moreish i try to finish it all in one go lol

  64. trevor linvell says:

    My favourite chocolate from hotel chocolat is their slab of white chocolate. Its delicious

  65. Jayne K says:

    Difficult to pick just one but I do adore the Florentine Isabelle. The roasted almonds, caramel and milk chocolate are such a wonderful combo.

  66. Sheri Darby says:

    I love the Classic Champagne Truffles – because they are classy and totally delicious

  67. Richard Wood says:

    I love their Rocky Road Giant 500g Slab. Packed full of all sorts of treats.

  68. Anthea Holloway says:

    I love them all but my favourite is the salted dark soft caramel which is so good I cannot think of anything else now!

  69. clair downham says:

    i like the Mojito Selector as you can really taste the rum and lime and imagine you are on a tropical beach

  70. Victoria Prince says:

    Ooh my favourites are the Chocolate Brownies! I got completely addicted to them when they were Taste of the Month a few months ago – found myself unable to walk past Hotel Chocolat without ending up inside by the brownies! They are so lovely and velvety but with the crunch and added texture of the nuts. And a lovely flavour – just divine.

  71. Jordan Bentley says:

    I always go for the slabs – all of them are delicious so it doesn’t matter which one!!

  72. Lizzy Cooper says:

    My absolute favourite chocolate from hotel chocolates is the Caramel Cappucino Slab, I’m a huge coffee fan!

  73. June says:

    What a great giveaway, how I do love Hotel Chocolat, my favourites would have to be the slabs there’s a beautiful vanilla white chocolate and raspberry one that I tend to treat myself to.

  74. sue mcdermott says:

    I love the Champagne Truffles, but I have to say that Hotel Chocolat chocolate is one of my favourites

  75. Susan Clayton says:

    I’m completely in love with the Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Puddles. But then, I love just about ALL their chocolates!

  76. helen newton says:

    salted dark soft caramel is just so yummy I just can’t get enough ♥♥

  77. Gail Bennett says:

    I love Hotel Chocolat’s champagne truffles and their rum ones (can’t think of the name … but they’re yummy!) … but then again most of their chocolates are yummy! 😉

  78. Karen Gray says:

    Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Drinking Chocolate feels very decadent and tastes just delicious, the layers of sweet and salty and I want to say malty…….perfection in a mug.

  79. Helen Craigs says:

    I love the Hotel Chocolat Fruit Bombes, I’ve only had them as a gift but they were delish! Also fond of the Cocoa Gin (not strictly chocolate though) 🙂

  80. Susan Pringle says:

    Mousse au Chocolat, yummy, melt in the mouth, little balls of deliciousness.

  81. Petra Beck says:

    I absolutely ADORE Hotel Chocolat’s Gianduja bombes – the smoothest hazelnut praline you can imagine, and even better, made with dark chocolate!

  82. Kelly Ellen Hirst says:

    The Billionaire’s Shortbread Giant Slab is delicious, it’s hard not to eat it all in one sitting

  83. Mark says:

    Eton Mess Selector – I like mousse, white chocolate and meringue. What is there not to like when you have these different things together!

  84. Natalie Crossan says:

    I’d be happy to live on nothing but champagne truffles…. unhealthy…. but happy!

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