Fortnum & Mason Has Easter Chocolate in 2015

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fortnums easterSadly I haven’t tried any of the Easter chocolate from F&M this year – I didn’t ask and they didn’t offer so, you know, I could have asked but I’d never have had the chance I’m sure to eat the delicious chocolate they have. This is, or course, contrasted with last year when I was taken through the Easter range and learned about the different percentages of milk chocolate that they use in their chocolate. In fact, if you opt for the Russian Doll Egg you get varying percentages of cocoa so it makes it super interesting and delicious. But the PR didn’t mention that even though I think it is a massive sales point. Seriously while it may be expensive there is over a kilo of varying percentages of cocoa so buy it if you have a family or a party.

Also there is absolutely no story to the collection. Unlike Melt who themed their Easter in true retro style, when I asked what was the story or theme that tied the whole collection together, I was told that it was basically that they were made of chocolate by F&M. Don’t take my word for it though and perhaps I unfairly shorten the true expanse of the theme. I quote the response to my query below:
Regarding the entire collection, the below facts unify all of our Easter eggs:
•    They are all made by hand – every F&M egg is slightly different as they are hand moulded
•    We us the use our exclusive Tercentenary blend chocolate in all our Easter eggs (which will be actually massively disappointing as it means they all will taste the same and even the Russian Doll Egg will lose its originality)
•    We use antique moulds –  the same moulds from when the chocolates were made in our Piccadilly store

fortnums eggsSo there you have it. I was really curious about the Easter crackers – you know, Christmas crackers but for Easter. I know, it was new on me too but I guess there’s no reason. Nothing special about that gorgeous looking Simnel cake either. The email I got about Easter just had images and prices, no real inspirational wording though I was sent a press release about some chocolates that are setting a new high bar in design and taste but without tasting them I’ll remain silent.

So really, the PR missed an opportunity to wax lyrical about how dewlightful the chocolate is. How this chocolate is tempered overnight with a mix of dark and milk to create their unique milk chocolate blend. They could have extolled the virtues of the carefully selected ingredients that F&M source and the fact all chocolate is ethically sourced. They didn’t so I will 😉 Go – get some ethical and delicious chocolate from F&M 😉

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