Aldi Wraps Up Easter with Delicious Chocolate

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I love Aldi and I am only a little bit bitter that they haven’t opened in Didcot quite yet. Before Easter would have been awesome but I worry about the traffic issues the shop location will cause for me as I have to go past that round about… and the problems for my waistline as I see popping in for their delicious and inexpensive food and drink far too tempting.

So for Easter morning why not choose some things from Aldi – they have lots more than just chocolate! But they do have Moser Roth eggs 🙂 Choose from Drizzled Pink, Chocolate Drizzle, Chocolate Delight or Fabulous Fudge because life is better with choice!

A ham from Aldi is inexpensive and if you buy the right kind you’ll just have to pop it in the oven and it’ll come out perfectly. But it isn’t just ham but other meat that Aldi does well.

As the kids go off searching for some chocolate eggs, perhaps the Dairyfine egg selection which they have including hollow eggs and solid eggs, why not sit back and make a cocktail of some of their champagne or cremant de jura on its own or with some casis or orange juice?

Once the kids have filled their basket with chocolate and run back in to find a Choceur bunny waiting for them, you could make breakfast from their great range of delicious breakfast breads and buns. I love the chocolate chip brioche they sometimes have and making French toast from that is absolutely magical.

Once the kids have had their egg hunt and breakfast and they are running around outside or playing games inside, the Aldi dinner could be cooking and as you enjoy relaxing because so much is pre-prepared you can also smile quietly pleased that a massive meal was made for much less than elsewhere.

I do really enjoy so many of the Aldi products and if you’d like to try some too, check my reviews of Christmas (some products are available all year around), Port, Brandy, Cremant de Jura, Champagne and of course Moser Roth.

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