Least Read Blog Posts – What Went Wrong?

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HAPPY WORLD CHOCOLATE DAY otherwise known as Easter. For today I thought I’d do the blog posts that everyone seems to be ignoring. Well, not ignoring so much as perhaps not finding.

Here are some of the least read blog posts. Luckily they have still got a lot of actual reads but I wonder why they got so little love in so much time…

Demarquette World Chocolate Bar – This bar I think is no longer available so perhaps no need to read a review. It was an interesting way of creating a bar

Demarquette Chocolate Evening Event – I’m noticing a trend here… I enjoy Demarquette chocolates but perhaps when people go looking for them they aren’t interested in reviews – they just want the chocolate – YUM!

Flowering Summer Tea – ya… few have expressed interest in tea though I love tea (and tea chocolates)

Flowering Lychee Tea – Really few… and this was crappy tea

Thorntons Milk Chocolate – now this I don’t get. Surely this chocolate deserves a lot of viewing. Maybe I didn’t tweet it or something but it also has a high bounce rate and an 11 second dwell time – OUCH!

Michael Mischer Chocolates Toffee & Murray River Salt Chocolate Bar – not the best chocolate in the world so I’m not surprised but the Michael Mischer Chocolates Toffee & Murray River Salt Chocolate Bar was OK

Ubuntu Chocolates – these folks are doing great things with chocolates and so I’m surprised that this is down the charts of most read

Thorntons Dark Chocolate with Macadamia – really? You guys don’t dig Thorntons as much as I thought you might but the other bars have a lot more reads and dwell time. Maybe people looking for where to buy. I need to add that info more often..

Sunday Chat with Chocolate Chip Cookies– we’re actually getting to a decent number of reads here and dwell time so while not the most popular post it has a respectable number of reads.

Ooh la la chocolaterie tea chocolates – also long dwell time, lots of views and so while not the most popular, it still has a respectable number of people looking for it and at it, as well as spending almost 2 minutes on average reading it.

What went wrong with these posts…?

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  1. Kavey says:

    I have no idea, just a guess… but were these posted on dates when you put several posts up together?

    Sometimes people just visit the home page and read the latest…

    Might be an option to write them up in a group, as you do, but use the scheduling function to set them to go up on the blog a day or so apart?

    Otherwise, just the ebb and flow of readership, I guess…

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