Thorntons Dark Chocolate Bar with Macadamia Nuts Review

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This bronze award-winning Dominican Republic 60% cocoa with macadamia nuts chocolate was one of five bars sent to me to trial.  I must admit that I’m not a huge fan of Thorntons chocolate but I’m always willing to have my mind changed about these things to I tucked in.

The scent of the chocolate is rick and delicious and quite different from what I am used to from Thorntons.  Immediately I’m encouraged by the chocolate and I read as I take a piece about how to take off the edge of bitterness they add salt to their espresso in Italy.

Thorntons Milk Chocolate Macadamia Bar

Bronze Award-winning Thorntons Milk Chocolate Macadamia Bar

The chocolate itself is interesting.  Very smooth chocolate with a slightly tart edge, the chocolate is nice.  The lower cocoa content makes this closer to a dark milk chocolate than a true dark chocolate and so it is probably an excellent chocolate.  The macadamia nuts aren’t perfectly crunchy despite being caramelised but they are far from the soggy bits of nuts you may have encountered in the past.

I’m not surprised this won a bronze.  While not the quality of an expensive bar, this is really good quality chocolate and a delicious bar of lovely chocolate. Nomnomnom it got eaten all up!

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  1. Thanks for this review!

    I have a Thorntons bar with mac nuts here and had been thinking of giving it away, but I think I’ll have to be sure I get some of it!

    Sounds really good, and you’re right.; Their chocolate is very good for the price.

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