Thorntons Milk Chocolate with Pistachio

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Milk Chocolate with Pistachio Nuts

Gold award winning Thirntons milk chocolate with lightly salted pistachio nuts

I must admit that pistachio in chocolate was never a flavour I considered.  In fact, I avoided baklava for years until a friend forced me to try some when I learned I loved it 🙂

A 32% Madagascar cocoa chocolate covers pistachio nuts.  The chocolate itself is silky smooth but slightly over sugared making it less pleasant to me.  The chocolate is a very milky but not overly creamy milk chocolate.  The chocolate is a lovely blend but too sugary for me.  The saltiness of the salted pistachio comes through very strongly and it makes the chocolate slightly less enjoyable to me but I feel that this will be enjoyed by many people.  The whole experience of the chocolate is a combination of distinct flavours coming together but not enough to create a new flavour.

The chocolate is very nice and pared with the crunchy pistachios and the slight tang of saltiness it makes this chocolate worthy of a gold medal award.  While it may not appeal to me, it is a wonderful bar and this combined with others makes a very special gift worthy of someone special.

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