Thorntons Milk Chocolate Bar Review

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Thorntons Milk Chocolate 38% Bar

Thorntons Milk Chocolate 38% Venezuelan Cocoa Bar

This 38% Venezuelan cocoa blended into a chocolate bar from a chocolate producer more often associated with low quality chocolate is a shock – a pleasant one!

The chocolate is brilliantly balanced with a slight creaminess coming out over the chocolate itself.  The chocolate has been made silky smooth with none of the graininess found in other bars.  While quite sweet, it is not as over sugared as other bars making it an easy to enjoy treat.

The chocolate itself tastes like a blend with the whole mouth being sparked though it claims to be from a single region  It’s just fantastic that a single region could produce a non-flat bar and using the famous Criollo bean – it doesn’t have the same mouth feel as a single region bar.  It doesn’t matter though because this milk chocolate bar is pleasant with a slight hint of vanilla and a hint of honey.

No surprise this is a bronze medal winning bar. A safe bet to buy for someone special – yourself!

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