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soma madagascar

A Trio of Soma – Madagascar, Bachelors Hall and Guatemala Dark Chocolate Bars

These tasting notes have been hanging around forever so I thought it was about time to give them an outing with their respective old pictures! Soma Madagascar - One of my favourite origins, I was really looking forward to trying this ...

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Interview with Daniel Stubbe of Stubbe Chocolates in Toronto

Some of my favourite chocolate in Toronto is Stubbe chocolate. I absolutely love their blood orange chocolate truffles and I love their chocolate so much I bought it as favours for my younger sister’s wedding. No higher praise is possible.  ...

Soma Old School Chocolate Bar

I recently went back to Soma and had a tour by the owners and got to experience some new chocolate experiences. It was a million times better than the last time I was there for sure. While I ...

Pierre Herme Goes Single Origin for Easter 2016

Pierre Herme Goes Single Origin for Easter 2016

It's Easter and so you know that everyone plus their dog has Easter treats out. What you might not know is that French Chocolatier and patissier Pierre Herme has launched a line of Easter treats that take advantage of the ...

Fortnum & Mason Easter Treats

Fortnum & Mason Easter Treats – High Quality Ethical Chocolate Beyond Fairtrade

There are few places you can be assured of quality ethical chocolate no matter what you choose and Fortnum & Mason is one of those few places. No matter what you choose from the little eggs, through the bunnies and ...

gorvett & stone easter egg

Gorvett & Stone Dark Chocolate Orange Easter Egg Reviewed

It's been awhile since I had the pleasure of trying anything from Gorvett & Stone. I remember falling in love with their chocolates a long time ago and I've been recommending them to people for almost a decade. Their chocolates ...

wreath of wonder

La Maison du Chocolat Christmas 2015 Is Beautifully Delicious

I was stunned when I saw it. It was magnificently beautiful and it took my breath away. I cannot imagine eating it and yet that is exactly what you should do with it. The Wreath of Wonder. It’s one of ...

om nom beans

Visiting the Om Nom Bean to Bar Chocolate Factory in Iceland

One of the most magical places on earth is Iceland but it is also one of the most remote. Game of Thrones has made Iceland one of the hottest tourist destinations. It’s also a bit cheaper since it went broke ...

paul a young afternoon tea box

Afternoon Tea Chocolates for #AfternoonTeaWeek from Paul A Young

I absolutely love Paul's chocolates. The quality of the chocolate used, the quality of the fillings and the care taken shows through in each and every chocolate. For Afternoon Tea Week Paul A Young has created some brilliant new chocolates specifically ...

Les Patisseries des Reves White Chocolate Global Collection

Les Patisserie des Reves White Chocolate Global Collection

When I asked if I could get a sample of the new chocolate creations from Les Patisserie des Reves I did not expect what arrived. I was, in fact, intimidated by what arrived. I was overwhelmed by what arrived. I ...

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