Interview with Daniel Stubbe of Stubbe Chocolates in Toronto

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Some of my favourite chocolate in Toronto is Stubbe chocolate. I absolutely love their blood orange chocolate truffles and I love their chocolate so much I bought it as favours for my younger sister’s wedding. No higher praise is possible.  I was lucky enough to visit the Stubbe chocolate shop in Toronto during a recent trip home and not only sampled some chocolates but also interviewed Daniel Stubbe, a sixth generation chocolate maker.

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3 Responses to Interview with Daniel Stubbe of Stubbe Chocolates in Toronto

  1. ford guy says:

    It’s time to bring these babies back from obscurity!

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  2. JudithLewis says:

    I’m not sure blood orange chocolates are languishing in obscurity however they are certainly becoming more popular as a pairing with chocolate! Just now I’ve heard that Artisan du Chocolat will be using blood orange in their caramels for Valentines Day 2011!

  3. ChristopherStubbe says:

    Love the interview has the same last name as me does that entitle me to try the chocolates 😀 DIBS lol

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