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ferrero christmas

Ferrero Rocher and Christmas Pairings in Wine and Chocolate

I went to a really interesting taste event where I ran in to a gentleman I had first met at a wine tasting event a mere few days earlier. We sat next to each other as a boor of a ...

regent tweet bracelet

Fashionable Indulgence in W1 on Regent St – Where Else?

Once a year one of the most anticipated events on my and most women’s calendar takes place (if they are fashionable that is). #RegentTweet is a chance for over a hundred women (and men) to hit Regent Street and shop ...

Idilio Carenero Urrutia Superior Chocolate Bar Reviewed

Idilio Carenero Urrutia Superior Chocolate Bar Reviewed

This particular Idilio chocolate bar is only 70 percent and hails from Barlovento, Venezuela. The Idilo website says: "Urrutia in Barlovento produces particularly fine superior Carenero, a Trinitario variety whose name is attributed to the former port of export Carenero. Superior ...


Chocoholic Nation Not Getting Its Fix Because Chefs Are Slacking Off!

The UK is a nation of chocolate lovers with 66% of consumers wanting restaurants to offer more chocolate varieties, while a staggering 70% of 18-34-year-olds are happy to pay more for their favourite chocolate dessert. Dare not to have a ...

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SOMA ocumare and grenada bars

Soma Ocumare Plus Soma Grenada 70% Black Science Bars Reviewed

I will always remember my first Ocumare. I was 35,000ft in the air over the Atlantic Ocean. I was behind on reviewing and so I had brought along a few bars I had purchased in order to review them. I ...

cadbury and biscuit

Cadbury Ritz and Lu Chocolate Bars Reviewed

  I'm not entirely sure what I had in mind when I first heard about this bar. Truth be told, I figured it was the cracker or cookie covered in chocolate.  I figured the Lu biscuit would do well, being sweet ...

brownie egg

Thorntons Fudge Brownie & Raspberry Cheesecake – Two New Easter Eggs Reviewed

For a few years now, Thornton’s have been releasing what I’ve been calling ‘stained glass window’ eggs. These Easter eggs are all chocolate, sometimes with inclusions, that have a feature window as part of the egg. This feature window displays ...

costa Belgian hot chocolate

Costa Coffee Launches Two New Hot Chocolates – Reviewed

I was the lucky recipient of a gift card in order to try the new hot chocolates that were released by Costa Coffee. I took a walk in the bright London sunshine on a particularly warm day to pop in ...

almondy chocolate

Almondy Gluten-Free Cakes Launch 2 New Flavours

As some of you know, I am wheat intolerant (along with also being mildly allergic to yeast, vegetable legumes/pulses, apples, pineapples, bananas, corn, mould/mushrooms, etc) and so sometimes I eat gluten free things. Often, however, these contain soya (which I ...

Food Thoughts Cocoa Powder Reviewed

There are a lot of cocoa powders on the market and while I tend to default to Askinose, I’ve also used others. Food Thoughts sent me their cocoa to try and I have to say, I didn’t keep my opinions ...

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