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Gu Puds Raspberry and White Chocolate Mousse

New Gu Puds Raspberry and White Chocolate Mousse

It's always a pleasure and a joy when I get to grab some new Gu from the press office and this time I got to actually visit it in a magnificent old building. I was so super keen to try ...

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Patisserie des Reves

British Classics Reimagined by Patisserie des Reves

The new kid on the patisserie block is an old name in Paris – Patisserie des Reves. They opened recently in London not far from Rococo on Marlebone High Street and apparently at times have queues out the door. Blissfully ...


Maille – More Than Mustard

There is a movement afoot. I perhaps wouldn’t have called it a movement before Grey Goose’s Boulangerie but post that particular experience I find myself seeing these specialist shops popping up all over the place. Single brand expositions of all ...

triple chococolate cake

Stephanie Almeida Bespoke Cakes Buckinghamshire

I had the great honour to have the lovely Stephanie bring me some of her best-loved cakes in cupcake form. Now, I eat a lot of cupcakes – probably too many – and I have to say that these were ...

Haagen-dazs Cloud Ice Cream Patisserie Cake – WIN ONE!

Last year Haagen-Dazs created a MOON CAKE which was so wonderfully complex that it required instructions. This year, they have created a thing of beauty which is just full of yum (and all sorts of hidden delights). The cloud cake was ...

bb brownie brownies

BlueBasil Holiday Selection Reviewed Anew

I’m very lucky to have been contacted by BlueBasil Brownies and invited to review their Christmas selection again. They have added a few new flavours but as always they are extremely delicious. The brownies from BlueBasil are made with local ingredients. ...

marc de champagne ice cream

Haagen-Dazs Marc de Champagne Ice Cream

There are few things more luxurious than a really nice glass of champagne with a delicious chocolate truffle which is great but how in the world do you translate that sensation of indulgent luxury into an ice ream already deeply ...

oreo apple whole

Edens Gourmet Apples Caramel and Chocolate Apples Reviewed

I love apples but sadly apples don't love me back as I am allergic to them. This minor setback, of course, did not stop me reviewing and making myself ill on the brilliantly amazing Eden's Apples. Why? Because they are ...

fudge fancies christmas pudding

Fudge Fancies Christmas Pudding Fudge Reviewed

I love Fudge Fancies fudge. I love the softness, the chocolate caps and the amazing flavours. I just really love them and if I was closer, I’d be fatter because I’d be buying so much more… like I’m doing right ...

pistachio rose cookies

Shortbread Hearts with Aromatic spices from Pistachio Rose

I love the amazing baked goods from Pistachio Rose and I know that she works phenomenally hard to ensure that everything she creates is as close to perfection as she can get. She first engaged the foodie scene to get ...

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