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Places to go for some of the best mixed drinks around

beany green sign in the restaurant

Brunch Any Day of the Week at #BeanyGreen in Paddington Basin by @DaisyGreenFood

When I have a rare day off, and it is a day off with sunshine, it is invariably in the middle of the week and I always wonder where I can go for a late breakfast and give up and ...

johnnie walker gift set

Luxurious Whisky Cocktails for Your Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve Alexander & James Gift Set

It isn't often outside Christmas that I indulge in a bit of alcohol gift set shopping so when I was offered my choice of sets from Alexander & James I decided to be a bit of a rule breaker (as ...

The Nutcracker

Boozy Cocktail Recipes for a Cocktacular Christmas

Yes – that’s a giggle-worthy title but this has nothing to do with roosters… or men (thought I think it would have been a bit better that way ;-) ) Cocktails are amazingly fun and you actually don’t have to ...

Tropical Cocktails

Tropical Cocktails Chocolates from Hotel Chocolat Reviewed

This summer, it's all about the cocktails. Whether it is popcorn, chocolates or the local pub, it seems like the zeitgeist is all about cocktails. So many cocktail chocolates and whatnot, so little time. I just wish I could *make* ...

paul launches bean to bar

Paul A Young Launches World’s First Whole Bean Chocolate

On March 19th, 2014 for what seems to be the first time ever (except maybe by accident), Paul A Young launched his exclusive Whole Bean Bar chocolate in bar and truffle form. Created from Menakao beans from Madagascar, Paul is roasing ...

Duffys Nicaragua Chuno Dark Chocolate Bar Review

When I went to visit Mathilde & David Dewilde I took Mathilde one of each of Duffy’s chocolate bars.  Or at least I thought I had but I missed one as I bought 2 of the same one by accident.  ...

Boba Popping Cocktails at the Grand Imperial

I got lost.  I got lost because the Grand Imperial is right on the corner around from Victorian and my Google maps said it was further along.  I got lost because I was rushing.  I got lost because I was ...

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